Mancat Monday by Socks

 OK, this is just FREAKY. But Frankie and Ernie please note we have a dog in our post, at least half of one. Now let me go freak out....................

 I accompanied Chimera to the vet for her 9 week shots awhile back. We shared the spacious carrier.

 Like a sensible feline I went to hide.

 The little one, she just wanted to PLAY.

 It seems everyone adores her.

 She did check out a few hiding places before she was LOVED ON.

 This is our vet, she is really nice. I likes her even if she does poke and prod me.

 She has save my life numerous times.

 So I know she will take good care of Chimera.

 She has also decorated her office really neat. We always enjoy checking out the art work when we are there. ~Socks, reporting for ATCAD


  1. How can anyone not immediately fall in love with Chimera? I'm sure she has lots of fans at the vet clinic!

  2. Oh, I am convinced that Chimera will be forever LITTLE...she is just too cute with the leap from the carrier and the vet. Nice photos.

  3. No wonder the vet adores Chimera (and you!)....Chimera is so tiny and cute and you're her "guardian" so the two of you get extra special treatment there!

    Hugs, Sammy

  4. That vet and vet office look like great fun. I mean for a vet.....

    Love and licks,

  5. Little Chimera is very brave! Hope you had a nice Easter.

  6. Socks that was so nice of you to go with Chimera for moral support. At least you didn't get poked or prodded.

  7. We bet everyone LOVES little Chimera - she is just too cute. But we like you a lot too, Socks - you are very handsome.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  8. Chimera is a stealer of all hearts who see her, including ours:)

    Love the action shot oh=f her jumping! And you socks are a nice kitty to keep her company on the journey there and back. Did you teach her anything? Like singing the songs of your people??

  9. We think it was sweet of you to accompany Chimera to her vet appointment. She has so many things to learn!

  10. Chimera's just too young to realize how scary the vet is. LOL. What a doll she is, we see why everyone would love on her. BTW, we hope you ARE teaching her to "sing" on the way. :-D

  11. That was very nice of you to go with Chimera, Socks. She's so cute, no wonder everyone loves her ! Purrs

  12. How nice of you to go with Chimera! We bet she appreciated you watching out for her.

  13. guys, hope everee onez chex up wented aye oh kay !! ♥♥♥

  14. That was sweet of you to go with her .

  15. Dat was good of you. Me dusn't like to go to da VET's fur any reason.

    Luv ya'



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