Vicious #AtoZChallenge

Geese can be very vicious.

Once a gander attacked Mommy's car when she was coming home from the grocery store. He flew right into the windshield and wouldn't let Mommy get out of the car. She had to sit in the car until the goose convinced him to go back to the pond with her.

We likes this pair of geese they don't bother us and we leave them alone. They has 2 or 3 goslings this year. They usually has more, but we had a lot of flooding this Spring, we thinks their nest on the island in our pond got flooded.

Unfortunately another pair of geese showed up after the goslings hatched. The two couples viciously fight all the time, especially the two ganders. Eventually our gander drives the other couple off with Fenris' help  ~ATCAD

PeeS: Fenris' help consist of chasing the geese as they fly over the back yard.


  1. Every so often, my human considers getting geese as watch dogs for our home... but that is probably not a good idea!

    1. We thinks it would depend on the geese. One pair is nice enough, the other pair well they chase us, all of us, including Mommy.

  2. Geese and vicious are two words that go together. I wonder why they're so fierce.

  3. Well done, F. Sometimes when I chase something that's flying, I feel like I am about to start flying myself. Wouldn't our moms be surprised if we just took off to finish the job, one of these days? Ha!

    Love and licks,

  4. They really are seriously vicious. But the very domesticated ones are great watch-geese! Still, to attack your mama is awful.

  5. Geese are particularly nasty when they are caring for their eggs.

    How dare those interlopers bother your Canadian geese! Good job by Fenris to keep the others away :)

  6. WAY TO GO FENRIS..... Keep 'em Flying...

  7. Just make sure to keep my sweetest Tuiren from those vicious geese.


  8. guys....tell yur mom swan iz noe better....they iz vizshuz with a cap a tol V times 90 !!

  9. Mum lived by the lake of Geneva for twenty years. She says that there are swans instead of geese, but they are vicious too ! Purrs

  10. Yep, they can be a nasty lot so Dad doesn't even think about messing with our geese!

  11. We snuck up on a geese once, but then decided it was best ta leave it alone...

  12. I have heard they can be vicious, but luckily I have never seen it.

  13. Mom's had geese hiss and spit at her, but she's also had them eat out her hand. Just like cats...unpredictable! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  14. Once a goose stole a cookie right out our unfurbros hands.He was a toddler and in a stroller and these geese just ran over to him and meowmy afur they could escape and they stole his cookie, the nerve. Good thing he didn't try to keep it, else they might have stole his hand too...and he became a piano player...shudder at the thought of a musician with no fingers or hands...yikes.
    Yes, we agree geese are vicious and dangerous even...any in our state it is illegal to kill get fined big bucks if they find out, even if it wasn't intentional.

  15. The art center where my daughter works has a pair of nesting geese in their garden and sometimes they take a nip at people walking by.

    When I lived by a lake there were a lot of Canada geese, but because we had a couple of dogs, they never stopped on our beach. I loved to hear their cries as they flew overhead in the fall as they headed south.

    Finding Eliza


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