Sleepy Scylla Sunday with Siblings

Yang joined me for a snooze on the bed.

Of course things didn't stay peaceful for long............................

First Chimera got up on the bed with us and viciously attacked Yang.

That little calico is one tough cookie.

I think she takes after ME.

Then Mommy came folded laundry. Yang laid on the towels.

I really don't see what the problem was, he looked pretty handsome to me lolling on the laundry.
He even snapped a few selfies.

Then Yin got on the bed and he used her for a pillow.

Until Chimera joined them and started playing.

Eventually she decided to rest for a moment.

I sure hope Yin and Yang enjoyed their brief rest. Chimera doesn't snooze for long. Thankfully she likes grooming almost as much as playing.

Yin got a nice bath, even if she didn't want one.

Yang slept through the entire thing. I highly recommend getting more than ONE kitten.

That way you can enjoy them in small doses and they can wear each other out.

Chimera wanted to pose with Yang for a few selfies.

They look cute together.

Mom started folding more laundry, for some reason Yang loves the socks.

I thinks this is a really good selfie of Yang and Chimera. Aren't they cute together?

Yang sleeps in some of the weirdest positions. Make a note of the tail.

Sometimes his tail has a mind of it's own.

Chimera isn't the only one that pesters slumbering siblings. Yang decided he wanted to play and Yin was the closest.

Like I said you need more that ONE kitten so you aren't the one being pounced on.

Well I thinks I have had enough kittens for one day, I am going to find a PEACEFUL place to slumber. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD


  1. I dunno, when I came to live here, it was pretty easy to teach Binga and Boodie how to play again! YMMV

  2. All of you...there is one word that best describes you. Charming.

  3. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

  4. We love all those photos! Great selfies!!!

  5. Those kitties are just too beautiful (and too energetic) for words. Yes, I wish we had more kitties in my house, but mama can't travel with three or four cat hotels.

  6. It's not necessary to have matching, color coordinated kittens, but it sure is CUTE!

    Love and licks,

  7. You all look cute in your Selfies. Black and white is definetely my color and the brown looks good with it too :D Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday :) <3

  8. Those kittens sure were having a fun and sometimes peaceful time. We still don't think it's fair that the pups don't get to sleep on the big bed too.

  9. Such cute selfies. I can't believe how big Chimera is getting.

  10. Hehe, I bet bedtime is wonderful too. Fantastic selfies of fantastic kittens. purrs ERin

  11. What a big load of cuteness today!!

    Those are lovely double selfies of Yang and Chimera!
    So precious!

  12. Those are definitely some cute selfies today.

  13. Those are all lovely photos ! And cute selfies ! Purrs

  14. You all look very comfortable on the bed.

  15. Such a sweet family of kitties!!! Hope you finally got that nap, Scylla.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  16. They are gorgeous kitties. I know what you mean about wanting to sleep though!!!

  17. As the kittens play with each other, you get to enjoy peace and quiet and have a nice snooze Scylla :)
    At least we hope so.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  18. MOL! Never a dull moment at your house with those kittens around.

  19. Sounds like a great kitty day!!
    Dory, Arty, Jakey & Bilbo

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