Black is Beautiful

 Mommy says I am a very elegant and lovely lady. Chimera the calico is cute and adorable.

 We both do a lot of modeling for the blog. Here I am standing at attention.

 We also like to explore, you can get lost in our azaleas.

 But my very favorite outdoor activity is taking dust baths.

 Do you have a problem with me getting dirt in my fur?

 I promise to clean up before I go inside.

This picture demonstrates how dramatic I can look. The black fur against the hot pink looks pawesome.

 This is my pensive look, it showcases my eyes and whiskers nicely.

 Layla Morgan Wilde who blogs at Cat Wisdom 101 is writing a book about black cats. Black Cats Tell All, she is doing a Kickstarter campaign to fund it. 

You can learn how simply amazing and loving black cats are in these 22 tales.

Now I needs to figure out a way to get Chimera out of the Sycamore Tree, she is up way to high. As a big sister I do my best to look out for her.

And for those who want to know about the bathroom remodeling project, Mommy did a post about it at Alasandra's Place.  ~Yin, reporting for ATCAD


  1. You ARE very elegant, Yin - not sure dust baths go with that. ;-)

  2. All black cats are both bootiful and mysterious.

  3. Black cats are the BEST!!

  4. Yin, you look very elegant and lovely with those black furs!
    Our Julie does too. She lso loves to roll in the dirty floor on our porch ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. You azaleas are so beautiful - Mum would give anything to have some in our garden.

  6. You sure have a lovely yard to explore and you look just like a mini panther out there.

  7. we love us some black cats. mom smiled at your dust bath...she and her niece were walking a black cat during their trip to Best Friends and since their dirt is so red out there, the kitty turned brown :)

  8. catz rock & ewe iz gorgeouz.... { N we noe chimera appreciatez yur help ☺☺☺


  9. Black IS beautiful, Yin. You are one very pretty kitty!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. Yin's black coat stands out so beautifully in all the pictures. Watch out for all that dust- you'll be a beautiful grayish cat!

  11. Well, black is more than beautiful. It is intelligent and loving and curious and even ...cute. But mostly it is regal.

  12. We love dirt baths! Thanks so much for the shout out for our Black Cats Tell All project. We're sharing and adding your link to our Kickstarter page.

  13. We love dirt baths! Thanks so much for the shout out for our Black Cats Tell All project. We're sharing and adding your link to our Kickstarter page.

  14. Great photos. I love black cats ( I love any color actually). I am backing this project, it is such a great idea.


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