Thursday in the Garden

 The Cuphea, this is the Cigar one.


 Superbells and Angelonia.

 More Superbells.

 Lantana with Purple Heart.

 Victoria Blue Salvia.


 More Superbells.

 Close up of the Salvia.

 Our new Hosta with Peace Lily.


And this is the various things growing on top of the Hummingbird Cottage; roses, honeysuckle, trumpet vine, jasmine. We will show you close ups later. Now Yinny has something to meow about

I am very excited about the first anthology of myth-busting, true stories by 22 amazing, BLACK CATS to raise shelter adoption rates. I may be just a young kitten, but I can still help spread the word and help other black cats who aren't as fortunate as me.

Please go by the Kickstarter page and donate or share to help black cats everywhere. ~Yin



  1. Pretty blooms once again!

    And Yin, go fur it!! We wish all black kitties were loved all ovfur the world...

  2. Those superbelles are SUPERB!

  3. You kitties have a lot going on in your garden!

  4. Black cats are Lady's favourite. she is glad you will be able to help them get adopted.

  5. guys; yur salvia iz doin WAAAAAAAAY better N R'z....we just like two dayz ago getted bloomz....

    & kewl iz thiz book gonna bee !!! ♥♥♥

  6. Beautiful garden!!

  7. We love all the pretty color!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  8. Beautiful flowers again sweetie! i have a few struggling salvias trying to survive the cold chill now..i hold out not much hope! and we are also proud to say we have pledged to Miss Laylas great kickstarter on behalf of past house panthers to live with us and Cleo our current black beauty :) Loves Fozziemum xxx

  9. Of all, the window pots are most innersting.


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