Talking on Tuesday staring the Goose Family

These geese come to our pond every Spring, the Mother Goose nest on the island in the middle of our pond.

This year we had a lot of rain and we thinks some of the eggs may have gotten washed out of the nest. They only had two goslings hatch this year, last year they had seven.

Mommy uses the telephoto lens on her camera to take pictures of them.

They are very nice geese and don't bother us as long as we leave them alone.

These pictures were taken back in April. The goslings are as big as their parents now.

This little fellow looks like he was posing for his picture.

We hope you enjoyed seeing the Canadian Geese, we are always sad to see them leave and look forward to their return every Spring. ~ATCAD


  1. Those look like wild Canadian geese but you know what they are. I am curious. So beautiful, almost like herons.

  2. Yes, they are wild Canadian Geese, we also have blue herons, egrets and wild ducks that visit.

  3. The little babies are so cute, though we know how nasty the adults can be. Our biped likes geese, but boys, are they messy (lots of geese poop). :-)

    1. We have been lucky with these geese as they aren't very messy. They mainly stay around the pond and seem to adhere to the policy of leave no trace to attract predators. It did get a little messy last year when there were 9 geese total. This year there are only 5. The original geese family of 4 and another goose that showed up.

  4. That is so cool that you have your own geese. Our daddy wishes we had a pond and lots of water fowl too.

  5. Wonderful Bird TV ! We see rather grey herons and wild ducks here. Purrs

  6. We see a lot of those around here too. and oh my they can be noisy with all the honking. They are protected here, and fines can be given if you kill one...we also see herons, sometimes egrets and whistling swans, and also sandhill those are huge birds!(And even noisier than geese.)

    It is fun to see all the wee geese, all fluffy and soon enough they are almost as big as the parent geese.


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