Thursday in the Garden (way back in March)

 Our Crossvine was lovely. It has done really well and is growing up a storm.

 The Azaleas are gorgeous when they bloom.

 The verbena looks nice, but Mommy needs to weed this flower bed.

 Wisteria is gorgeous.

 We enjoy sharing our garden with the wildlife. Here is one of the Canadian geese.

 The Fetterbush, Mommy did get it weeded.

If you are wondering what on earth Mommy was taking a picture of, we are too. Just kidding she was spying on the Mother Goose sitting on the nest.  Center of picture. ~ATCAD


  1. Oh, to have a Canadian goose in the garden! You need Marcus to translate for you.

  2. We see lots pf geese flying ovfurhead, but not to may in our yard...wait that should be none in our yard.

    They do nest in a pond nearby though. We see alot of cranes around here:)

    Your garden sure is pretty!

  3. Great photos, that azalea looks amazing
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. That has to be the biggest azalea bush we've ever seen. :)

  5. guys....we wish we could get azalea ta grow heer....even de ones they say will coz they iz..... hardee.......iznt ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  6. Beautiful garden! My wisteria never flowers poor thing. It really shouldn't be by the coast.

  7. We have 24 white and red and purple azaleas! But they are only 3" tall and in pots... TBT saved 60 cuttings from ones that were being ripped out last Fall when the backyard was being leveled, and 24 are growing. We hope that someday, they will grow up as bootiful as yours.

  8. So great to have your very own Mother Goose in your yard! Does she read you fairy tales? MOL!


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