Yang & The Girls

Being a big brother is hard work. I has to make sure the girls are SAFE. Luckily I have Fenris and Socks to help me.

I told Chimera that a monster might get her so she jumped right out of the window and hid under the bed.

I caught the lizard to protect Yin, who was running away from it. (WAS NOT)

As you can see Yin is safely inside while I am outside

And I watched over Mommy while she watered the plants. Mommy don't you dare turn that hose on me.

Yoga helps me stay in shape, this is dancing cat pose.

But I don't have much time to practice my Yoga, I has to guard Scylla while she sleeps.

Remind Mommy it is time to feed us.

And faithfully sit at the foot of the tree while I wait for Chimera to come down.

Sometimes I get a tad distracted hunting bugs.

I love my sisters.

Especially my littermate Yin, she watched out for me when we were little.

Now it is time for me to relax with some Yoga, why don't you join me. ~Yang, the Yoga Kitten, reporting for ATCAD


  1. You are very Zen, Yang!

  2. You deserve a good nap after all that time looking after your family :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. You are the best big brother kitty any girl kitty could have!


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