Mancat Monday

Hi, I am hanging out with Chimera in the house. It is very hot outside so I have been spending most of my time inside napping. I am going to let Yang take over the post now. ~Your friend, Socks

I am hanging out with Yin, we are waiting for it to get light enough for us to go outside.
I like to hunt for insects in the grass.

Sometimes I am naughty and climb over the fence. Mommy gets very cross with me. I don't know why I just go around to the front porch and wait at the front door to be let in.

When we escape Mommy makes us come back inside. Now before you panics these are old pictures from when Chimera had her spay and hernia repair. She is fine.

As you can see she didn't let that cone slow her down.

That girl doesn't let anything slow her down.

Here I am napping with Chimera on the bed, that is about the only time she is still.

We like to sleep close to each other.

Me, Chimera & Scylla always like to be with a kitty/doggie companion. Socks and Yin sometimes like to go off by themselves.

Tuiren has dug a really nice hole to lay in.

She is a good sister, she lets me lay in her hole.

Chimera is adorable when she sleeps.

And Yin is very comforting when she lets me sleep next to her.

Now you got to see this Chimera drinks water so funny.

She insist on standing up on the bowl like she is holding it down. MOL, I wonder if she thinks it is going to run away. ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD

Happy 4th of July !


  1. Happy Fourth! I can't believe how big Chimera is getting! Oh, sorry, I guess this is supposed to be MANcat Monday!

    1. Well it turned out to have a lot of girls in the post, but that is OK cause we love our sisters. ~Socks & Yang

  2. Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!!

  3. How nice of Tuiren to share her hole. Now she can make a new one for herself so you can both stay cool.

    Love and licks ,

  4. Love seeing all of you, so cute! That's a lot of nappin' going on, as it should be! Happy Independence Day!!

  5. you are all so cute together! Have a happy and safe 4th!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. Mama says that if she did not have me she would have to go live with all of you cuties. Love the way Chimera drinks!

  7. You are all so adorable!

    Happy 4th!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  8. You're all so cute ! Happy Independence Day ! Purrs

  9. No climbing over the fence!!!! That just gets you into trouble.

    Happy 4th of July!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. Happy 4th of July! It's nice how well you all get along.

  11. Happy Independence day to all of you! Tui sure is nice to share her holes with all you kitties.

  12. We love how you two mancats love your sisfurs!!

    Happy Fourth of July!


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