Tiny Tuesday

I may be tiny but I am mighty. Lizards, crickets and other bugs don't stand a chance against me.

I love to pounce on anything that moves.

Including my siblings. Mommy, Yin & Yang are hiding from me again.

Sometimes I take time out from playing to help Mommy with her plants. This is a cherry tree.

Sometimes I run away from Mommy, I ran off to climb the oak tree.

Mommy was not amused, I did come back when she called me.

Yang, I see you.

I liked to climb the Washington Hawthorne, but the wind knocked it down. I am sad I have one less tree to climb.

I like hiding in the flowers.

I think Mommy found me though.

~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Chimera, what an adventure you had... Please let Mommy know that Pearl Electra is eating well today and taking her antibiotics like a trooper. She has a lot of muscle mass to regain though and Katie Mom rubs her tummy to help her digest. So far no poopies on the Fourth... mol

    1. We are so happy to hear that she is eating well and taking her medicine. We are sending more healing purrs. I had trouble pooping when I was little, Mommy had to give me water enemas to get me to poop. ~Chimera

  2. Oh my how gorgeous are mew?????!!!!! Too gorgeous :D :D

    Loved your adventure today Chimera


    Basil & Co xox#

  3. Chimera, you have SO much fun!

  4. You are the busiest kitty I ever saw, Chi. I have always wanted to climb a tree, but doggies don't do as well with that.

    Love and licks,

  5. Goodness, how does your mommy keep an eye on you when you're EVERYWHERE at once??

  6. You are a good tree climber Chimera.

  7. You sure like adventure don't you Chimera. Please be careful climbing those trees. We wouldn't want your mom to have to call the fire department to get you out.

  8. Chimera, you are one of the luckiest kitties in the world to have the world at your feet...er....paws.

  9. You are a busy kitty- and a little naughty.

  10. We're glad to hear you're coming back when called. Your lovely yard is a great place for exploring and tree climbing!

  11. chimera...ewe haz de BEST time in yur gardin...N joy sum for uz pleez next time yur out !!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  12. No worries about being tiny, Chimera. Mom always says good things come in small packages.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  13. Careful on those trees! You don't want to get stuck!!!

  14. You are a good pouncer and climber Chimera!

  15. We love watching you on your adventures, Chimera!!

  16. You sure do have lots of kitty catventures in your yard!

  17. Chimera, it looks like you enjoy the same things as me : climbing and pouncing. Purrs, Pixie


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