Mancat Monday with Yang

Well first off I wants to wish Youngest Boy Bean a Happy Birthday. He named me and Yinny and helps Mommy take care of us.

Now I need to get busy, I have tons of things to do today.

First off I needs to go lay in Mommy's bed so she can't make it up.

Then I want to play Frisbee with Fenris.

He is fun to play with especially now the weather is cooler.

Then I has water to drink one paw at a time.

Birds to watch, now that Mommy has moved all the plants this is a great place to lounge around. They are in the greenhouse for the winter.

And toys to play with or just lay on so no one else can play with them.

Yang, reporting for ATCAD


  1. What a busy day you're having, Yang. I don't think humans quite understand how many chores a cat has to do in a day.

  2. You are a very busy guy, Yang!

  3. You are so right!!!! My Mommy calls me lazy, she thinks I just laze around all day while she works. MOL!!! ~Yang

  4. You have some big plans for this day, Y. Happy Birthday, Bean! Stay close, Y. There might be cake.

    Love and licks,

  5. You are a busy bee, Yang, and especially good at stopping bed-making. I do that, too. It is an art.

  6. Happy Birthday, Youngest Boy Bean! How wonderful he helps take care of you :)

    We hope you get some nap time in your busy day.

  7. Happy Birthday to your youngest Boy Bean! We think it might be easier if you could find a smaller Frisbee for you to play with.

  8. You have had a very busy day, Yank. Time for a nap now. Happy Birthday to Youngest Boy.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  9. You are one BUSY (but also super HANDSOME) kitty, Yang :)


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