Tuiren Tuesday

Where we live winter alternates between being COLD (at least to us, some of our Northern friends have informed us that 49 is pawsitivly balmy for where they live, especially in the winter) and WARM at 72. On warm days Mommy brings the kittens out to play with us and we have a ball. As you can see Yang is a flying kitten. He is so funny I am rolling on the ground laughing at him. Today it is 59 and raining so I am cozy in my dog house and everyone else is inside, so it is nice to remember a fun day. Mommy tries to get me to come in with everyone else, but I don't want to. When it is really cold here at night (in the 30s) Mommy makes me come in, even though she has to pick me up and carry me most of the time. We are not sure why I don't like to come in the house. I do come in sometimes and seem to enjoy it, but most of the time I just try to make them come out.

We are proud of Mommy, she took me and Fenris walking last Thursday even though it was cold and we had a really nice walk with Mrs. Tammy. We went by her office and I meet Mrs Lisa and she petted me and petted me. I love being loved on.  

~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD


  1. I guess somebody has to watch over things outside, T. That's why you spend most of your time out there. You are a responsible, in-charge doggie!

    Love and licks,

  2. You are lovable and that''s why everyone loves on you!

  3. Hey TUI.. it is 10° F. HERE this AM... and the Snow that came TWO WEEKS ago is STILL totally covering the ground... WE are SOOOOO glad that YOU and Fenris and the Kitties get to go outside... and PLAY and Walk... We are living vicariously through Your Posts... and waiting fur Spring to come to Pencil Vane E Ah.

  4. You sure are lucky to live where it is so warm (most of the time). We are right there with Frankie & Ernie as our temp this morning was 10° F too. Maybe you like being outside because it's more peaceful than being in the house with all those kittens? We're glad to hear you mom makes you come in if it's too cold though.

  5. It's nice you guys can go out in winter. Yes, 49 degrees would be balmy for us. :)

  6. Walks and being loved on are the best things!!


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