Scylla Sunday #mommakatssearch

Today it is cold outside, so I am SHARING the bed with Yang. The flannel sheets are nice and comfy.

Some cats are not fortunate enough to have homes, and some live in really cold climates where they need help staying warm in the winter.

Catster has a great article on How to Build a Cozy, Low-Cost Shelter for Outdoor Cats. If you want something a bit fancier Alley Cat Allies has a Gallery of Shelter Ideas for Feral Cats.

And remember there are lots of cats and dogs looking for homes. If you can open your heart and home to a fur baby then please consider adopting a cat or dog and giving them a home. They will be ever so thankful and it will make our Christmas.

For those of you who don't already know Lucy a formally outdoor cat that was abandoned now has a home at It's All About the Cats! Please go by and welcome Lucy and read how she came to live with her family.

And remember the lovely and courageous Momma Kat is still looking for a home. Read all about her and her kittens here and please consider giving them a loving home for the holidays.

It would make our Christmas to know they had a home. And she comes with a hope chest full of goodies.  Momma Kat’s Hope Chest will allow her new forever family to bring her home and not have to shop for at least a couple of months or so!!

I asked Momma Kat to do today's selfie, and she graciously agreed.

~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD


  1. I wish we had room for one more kitty! That won't happen for a long time, though.

    1. We understand. Casa de Alawine is full to the brim with cats and dogs. Although if we could give Momma Kat a home we would. Her story breaks our hearts.

  2. Looking gorgeous and lean, Scylla! And Yang too. We know the plight of homeless cats ... that's how Momma found Bear Cat.

  3. We are purring that Mamma Cat finds a home for the holidays.

  4. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  5. A timely and great post for #MOMMAKAT and Kittens, and a lovely selfie from her. Oh how I wish a special Christmas Wish will bring her and her family home in time for Christmas. purrs ERin

  6. Momma Kat is so beautiful. We hope she finds a home of her own for Christmas.

  7. Great post ! We hope that Momma Cat finally finds a forever home. Purrs

  8. Poor Momma, I wish I could adopt her. She deserves to be spoiled.

  9. We hope she finds a home very soon.
    Have a wonderful Sunday...

    Noodle and crew

  10. Those are great reminders. We always worry about the feral cats in the winter. Paws crossed for Momma.

  11. Hiya and thanks fur the links to kitty shelters... the Mom am trying to puts up a place on Uncle Mikes breezeway dats keeps alla outdoor kitties out of the cold when they comes to eats. Purrz fur Mama Kat and her Kitties - Katie Kitty Too

  12. You are so right about the cold weather. It's here and it's so hard for cats to survive! I hope people take your advice. And I hope they adopt, too! I'm featuring an 18yo black cat on my blog this week who is at my local animal shelter. I'm so hoping he gets a family for Christmas!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  13. Thank you for a lovely post about MommaKat and for caring about cold cats.

    Her's hoping for Mommakat!!

    Happy (if late) Sunday Selfie.

    The Dash Kitten Crew

  14. We sure hope she gets her hearts desire really soon.


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