Winsome Wednesday

Yang is my playmate. He is a good big brother and wrestles with me whenever I wants. He loves to play almost as much as I do.

When it is cold we stays inside and play in the bed.

Looking winsome takes lots of grooming, Yang is always happy to lend a paw with bathing.

When it is warm we go out in the backyard and play. Silly Yang got in Mommy's flower box. I have been grounded for going over the fence into the backyard. Bad Mommy says I can't go outside anymore until I stop doing that.

Obviously I am not pleased with that verdict, and can you believe Yang agrees with her!  ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Chimera, I can't go outside at all unless I am on a harness and leash... so you will have to excuse me for not being too sympathetic! MOL

  2. Well, your mama does NOT want to lose either of you darlings.

  3. We all agree with your momma because we want you to stay safe. You two sure look like you are having a fun wrestling match.

  4. Oh, you two are so cute together!

  5. I think your mom is right!!! She just want you to have fun in a safe way. I love all the pictures of you together. Super cute:)

  6. You two warmed my heart. Listen to your Mommy and Yang, Chimera ... they would be devastated if something happened to you.

  7. Well, we don't get to go outside at all...unless we are in the carrrier...but we like to watch the outside doings from our perches by the windows and maybe a sunpuddle.


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