Caturday Art

Chimera is the subject of this weeks art. We didn't really do anything to this picture. Mommy just took it when she was on the porch and Chimera was in the bedroom. We thought it was interesting how the reflection of outside imposed itself on Chimera, and the window screen adds an interesting grid pattern.

We used paint brush here, we like the feathering.

And here is a pencil sketch of the kittens.

This is a pencil sketch of our beauty.

Chimera is pretty in purple.

Infared of the creek at Grandma & Grandpa's house.

Not sure what we did here.

Another pencil sketch.

And a coloring page. We color the free ones and we are not sure why Recolor decided to give us this to color in February. But it did and we did and we thought it turned out kinda nice, so we are going to go ahead and share it with you although it will be a long time until the next Christmas. Recolor is a free app in the Google Play Store. There are free things you can do and some advance stuff you can pay for. We just do the free stuff as this is just something we do for fun on Mommy's phablet.  ~ATAD


  1. Love the paintbrush effect!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  2. That first one sure is interesting with the effects from the window and screen. We are having a heat wave today. It got up to 55 degrees!

  3. They are all nice. My favorite is the pencil sketch.

  4. Very pretty. So many different looks!

  5. Love the first paintbrush art and the colored snowman.

  6. Chimera is an interesting and pretty subject to 'work with'!


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