Caturday Art

Yin is the subject of this weeks art. Here she looks as if she is growing out of Youngest boy's head. We also used infrared to make the room look more interesting.

When she has her high beams own it's a real challenge to fix the photograph, but it made an interesting bit of art. Infrared  again.

Yinny wanted in Mom's lap, that is Mom's jean clad leg she is climbing on. Infrared turns everything interesting colors.

Pencil sketch

A watercolor of Yinny growing out of Youngest Boy's head. Really she is just standing on his back.

And then we colored a few pictures.

This is our favorite we bet you can't guess why?



  1. Wow! We like all the pictures - Yin is a great subject - (the lap one was especially cute) but that last coloring, though, is a thriller!!

  2. Beautiful. Your art is always so creative!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  3. Lovely! Especially the cat growing out of the boys head. I have a grand kitty that loves to ride on the boys (5 plus their dad) shoulders. He tried to ride on mine but he weighs at least 20 pounds and I could not support him long!

  4. Very interesting art. We really like the high beam one. Happy weekend.

  5. Amazing art today, our fav is the high-beams too! XOX

  6. Oh what pawsome cat art.
    Yin is a pawsome subject :)
    We like the girl with the book,cat and dog.
    A purrfect family pic :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  7. Very creative art work - I like all of them. This is such a fun blog hop because one can go creative. You did a great job.

  8. Nice art this week. Love the colors on the coloring too.

  9. cool art from daily life. Looks great. I have seen some coloring books where I live but not looked in them. Maybe I should.


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