Fenris Friday

 Hi everybody we are glad you could stop by. We miss all of you and we are going to try to make Mommy do better with visiting our friends. We are glad March is over. While some good stuff happened in March, it also makes Mommy very sad. She lost Whiskers in March and then 10 years later we lost Socks. Mommy says that when they were alive they were very close after Socks came to live here

So she is sure Whiskers welcomed Socks with open paws when he arrived at the Rainbow Bridge. She is still very sad that both her boys are gone though.

 March is also a very busy time for the Mom, there are flowerbeds to weed, once she thinks it is safe plants to haul out of the greenhouse and trees, shrubs, fruit and veggies to plant.

 Mommy has often wanted to get a picture of me and Tuiren together and she finally scored, too bad she only had the phone and not the real camera. She says we are too far apart too, but hey you can't have everything at least we were looking in the same direction. Profile picture.

Face forward, ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

Thankful Thursday in the Garden

We have been very busy dragging all the plants out of the greenhouse. We are thankful they were safe in there during our cold snap. These cheerful little pansy's actually like cold weather.

This is a tropical plant so it prefers warmer temperatures.

Our red hibiscus is stunning.

It is easy to root.

And the Mother of Millions reseeds at the drop of a hat. ~ATCAD

Raidant Wednesday

 Yin and I like to watch the birds at the bird feeder.

 Mommy says it is difficult to take good pictures of us in the window because of the sun's rays. I told her tough she is the photographer she needs to take pictures and they need to look good.

 After all I ALWAYS look CUTE.

 This one turned out OK, although Yin was busy washing her paws.

Chimera, looking radiant for ATCAD

Tails on Tuesday

Kayaks are so much fun. They have lots of places to hide.

They make great forts.

And they are good places to store your toys.

Daddy is always leaving the top off his storage compartment.

So that is the one we get in the most.

Me and Yin are planning to stow away one day and go kayaking with them. You don't think he will notice do you? ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Meowy Monday

Mom, this bed needs to say MEOW not Woof, it is MY BED.

I don't care that it is blue and matches Fenris' eyes, it is MY BED!

Really humans can be so dense this  is obviously a CAT BED. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Stunning Sunday

We are woefully behind on posting this. So I took matters into my own paws and prepared today's post. This lovely A for Alawine was a Christmas present from our wonderful Veterinarian.  We have it hanging where we can see it when we watch TV.

I have to say I admired the bag it came in too. Black is so chic.

And it goes so well with my fur.

Too bad someone isn't around to snap some pictures the black and white contrast work so well together.

I love bags.

Yikes, Mom is coming I have to get down for some reason I am not ALLOWED on the table.

I think I will go play with Chimera in the garage. The kayaks are lots of fun to explore.

Yin, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art has gone to the dogs

We asked Tuiren to be today's model. She had some tail action going on she was so pleased with the request.

She looked so cool in Infrared.

We loved her to pieces in Mosaic.

And of course a pencil sketch. Tuiren made a great model, we got so excited about Caturday showcasing Tuiren,  we decided to color some dogs for your viewing pleasure.


Farewell Friday

Well I get to do another farewell post. Apparently I have a lot to say now. I am glad Mommy got these contraptions before I left.

They were fun to explore and great for hide and seek.

See you around, ~Socks, reporting from the Rainbow Bridge

Thankful Thursday in the Garden

Mommy grew a pineapple. Speaking of pineapples we planted a Pineapple Pear, we hope it does good.

The Camilla looked gorgeous this year.

The Chinese Witch Hazel.


Another Camilla.




Mexican Tarragon

Mommy finally got the front flowerbed weeded.

Pineapple Sage


We are thankful for all our pretty flowers and the nice weather we are having now. ~ATCAD