Wemembering Wednesday

Mom got some nice pictures of me sleeping under the Christmas Tree, I had a really good life here with my family.
Which brings me to the lovely Poem the Cozy Cottage shared with us.

I too, would make a will
if I could write.
To some poor, wistful, lonely
stray I leave my happy home.
My dish, my cosy bed
my cushioned chair, my toy.
The well-loved lap
The gently stroking hand
The loving voice
The place I made in someone's heart.
The love, that at the last,
Could help me to a peaceful, painless end
Held in loving arms
If I should die
Oh, do not say:
'No more a pet I'll have
To grieve me by its loss'
Seek out a lonely, unloved cat
And give my place to him.
This is my legacy
The love I leave behind
Tis all I have to give

Margaret Trowton

I am lucky as I had a chance to mentor the strays who have inherited my home...........Yin, Yang & Chimera. See I knew my time here was drawing to a close and the Mom made me promise not to leave Scylla alone, so I arranged for some strays (Yin & Yang, and Chimera)  to enter our lives, and I figured they would need some guidance so I stuck around long enough to mentor them.

Yang is the sole mancat now and the poor guys (Yang, Fenris, Dad and Youngest Bean) are outnumbered by females (Yin, Chimera, Scylla, Tuiren and Mom), but they will muddle through without me evening out the numbers.

And I will be keeping my eyes on everyone, Sammy has shown me how to get day passes to come back for visits and Yang apparently needs a lot of help from me. No sooner do I pack my bags for the Rainbow Bridge then he manages to get hurt and require stitches. Don't worry the young whipper snapper is OK, but really did he have to go and upset Mom so soon?

~Socks, reporting from the Rainbow Bridge


  1. What a poem. So, so lovely and so kind of you to print it.

  2. How sweet to see you again, Socks. My human thinks that Sparkle planned for me to come along when I did.

  3. Dear Socks that poem is so very touching and now that you're here at the Bridge, you can look back and see that life goes on and we can watch, guide, and visit and know that we will ALWAYS be loved whether THERE or HERE. We do love the photos of you under your Christmas tree - I too loved to be there under the lights like a present....know what? I think we WERE presents for our families - we gave them fun, adventures, and best of all our LOVE.

    Hugs, Angel Sammy

  4. Hug hugs Socks - so happy you are doing well and you made sure your family would be too. Sending lots of love

  5. Such beautiful words. Socks, we know that you will always be watching over your family. And we hope that you meet up with our Rosie up there.

  6. We know you had a good life with your family, Socks, but it still makes us feel sad to know you're not with them anymore in body. We know you'll forever be with them in spirit.

    The poem is lovely. Our biped says every day, never again after we're gone, so this is good for her to read.

    Purrs and peace.

  7. I know they will all turn out fine dear Socks, you picked the right ones. We miss you.

  8. Such a lovely post for Socks, a reminder of what a great life he had with his humans and furry siblings. We know he is missed like crazy.

  9. Very sweet, Angel Socks. We all miss you.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  10. Lovely tribute to Socks, what a sweet post. Purrs

  11. Great update/report, S. You trained the crew well. And I'm sure they feel happy that you continue to watch over them.

    Love and licks,

  12. Beautiful poem - and beautiful thoughts from you, dear Socks. Gotta keep an eye on those kits - us humans need all the help we can get !

  13. Socks, that's so beautiful, in so many ways. We all miss you so much. PURRS.

  14. Dearest Socks the "strays" were so lucky to have you for a mentor. We know you taught them lots. You sure were lucky to have the wonderful home you did.

  15. Such a beautiful post. I love the poem and these wonderful photos of you Socks. XO

  16. Socks you really have a pawful watching over Yin,Yang and Chimera. The love that is being shown them from your pawrents will help them keep on the straight and narrow. In two shakes of a kittens nose they will be on track and you will only need to nudge them a bit to keep them on target.
    We love the poem and thank you for sharing those photos with us all.
    We are sending Yang purrs to help heal him up. We Man-Cat's sure can be silly.
    Purrs dear Angel Friend
    Timmy and Family

  17. It's wonderful to hear from you Socks!! Yups you did a wonderful job mentoring your young family and we know they'll be anticipating your next visit!

  18. We know you did a wonderfur job, Angel Socks. And you are still there in spirit.
    Purrs fur Yang! Sheesh, now he will have battle scars to prove his mancatliness, MOL!

  19. oh my the lovely cat will is just what must have led Mom and Dad to me! I bet the three kitties before me and TKS arranged for them to go volunteer at Kitty Corner where they found me hiding. No one wanted me but they did and we each have filled one another up with lots of love. Miss you Socks and I will also keep an eye out for Yin to make sure the girls don't drive him nutso.


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