Fenris Friday

This was so good... It's actually a cat treat. They had this controversial toy marked way down at the store. Mommy didn't like the string part for the cats, that's where the controversy comes in apparently. But she liked the fact she could put regular treats in it and the cats could whap it around and get treats out.  And in it's original state the "strings" made a good treat for me.

So way back on Feb 9th, my Gotcha Day she gave it to me to enjoy as a special treat.

I loved it.

By now everyone probably knows I take my time eating things.

Sometimes this causes problems as my siblings try to steal my food.

But usually if I am firm about it being MINE they leave me alone.

Sometimes Mommy has to step in and remove them from the room I am in, if they refuse to take me seriously. Would you take me seriously if I told you growly that this was mine?

~Fenris, eating slowly for ATCAD


  1. I would listen, cause I do that growly warning rumbling too sometimes. Pipo just whaps me and jumps away faster than i can get back...at least he doesn't try to take anything of mine; he's just a tease.

    You sure are savouring your treat!

  2. Hey, with those eyes...YES, I would take you very seriously. But I'd want to hug you anyway.

  3. I would not want to take those cat treats from you, Fenris! But you are welcome to them anyway.

    1. Summer, I knew you were a lady cat with common sense unlike my Sisters, they all including Tuiren try to steal my foods. ~Fenris

  4. Maybe they don't take you seriously because you're just too cute, Fenris! That being said, we won't take your treats from you. They're all yours. (P.S. Pup Astrid is pretty slow with her treats, too. Sometimes, the kitties try to come in and intervene during her length enjoyment of her treats.)

  5. Yes, Fenris...I would respect your treats if you looked at me like that!

  6. You look like you mean business, F. I would definitely take you seriously - even without the growl...

    Love and licks,

  7. We would listen to you Fenris.
    We would just go and pester mum for treats ;)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  8. We would definitely take you seriously Fenris. It's no fun if your fur siblings try to steal your treats.


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