Caturday Art

 Mommy made a scrapbook page for Fenris & Tuiren, it seems like her scrapbooking went to the dogs today.

Continuing the Dog Theme, we foiled a picture of Fenris & Tui.

Lunar Eclipses apparently make Mom all arty, she took this picture back in February.

This was our favorite picture of the eclipse we did a pencil sketch and then added a frame to make it look dramatic.
 And we bet you will never guess who this is a picture of. We will give you a hint her name starts with a C.



  1. We have to say our favorite picture is the first one with our Summer Dance dates. That quote is perfect too.

  2. Your art is lovely. The lunar eclipse looks very dramatic.

  3. Whoa@ This blog has gone to the dogs. Nice eclipse.

  4. We love your scrapbook page! That's very nice!

  5. Beautiful art and the moon photos are lovely!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  6. Chimera??? She turned all dark, MOL!

    Lovely rendition of the Lunar eclipse.


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