Winsome Wednesday with Chimera

 I love to sit in the window and watch the birds, but sometimes I get sleepy.

 Then I need a safe place to sleep away from predators Yang, so I crawl under the chiffarobe.

 I am the only one that fits under here.

 Although it is getting to be a tight squeeze. I heard Mom say OUTSIDE, so I needs to run.

 I has trees to climb.

 I can go way up high where it is hard to see me.

 Places to hide, it is fun to play hide and seek with Yang. Mommy doesn't like it when I play hide and seek with her.

And rodents to hunt. ~Chimera


  1. For some reason, humans hate the hide and seek game. I don't understand why.

    1. Neither do I, you would think I was lost or something. Usually I am right by her but blind as a bat Mommy can't see me. It took her forever to see the rabbit that was sitting by the Hummingbird Cottage out in the open.

  2. I know what ya mean about getting unner the furniture. I get unner the dresser an TBT hasnt figured out HOW yet. ~ AYLA

  3. We can't believe you squeezed under there, Chimera!

  4. You have to stay active so you can keep that slim trim figure and fit under the furniture. You sure look like you are having fun.

  5. You've got the world on a string, Chimera!

  6. you sure have a busy schedule!

  7. We hope you caught a mousie! Don't get stuck under your favorite hiding place...better watch your girlish figure :-)

  8. Our window sills are too narrow for me to sit on but I do have a cat perch in the dining room and a cat stump (it is too short to be called a cat tree) in the peeps bedroom
    Hugs madi your bfff

  9. What a wonderful Wednesday to do list!!

  10. Mini: I can fit under dressers too! Since I am a doggy, when it is time to go outside, I like to go into armadillo burrows and hunt rabbits! But, I also hunt the occasional rat. Sounds like you had a great day :) I guess you do the kitty cat version what I do.

    Thanks for stopping by our blog!

  11. You are about as busy as can be! We hope you sleep well at night so you're all ready fur the next day's itinerary!

    Like catching a mouse...

    Minko can squeeze himself into tiny places too, he is so gaunt...Pipo cannot do that, MOL!


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