Tuiren Tuesday

We told you the antlers lasted a long time.

I had a split antler and Fenris had a whole antler.

As usual I finished mine first. I always finish my food first.

Fenris likes to savor his food and apparently his doggie Mom told him to chew everything like 11 million zillion billion times before swallowing. It takes him forever to eat.

Sometimes I try to help him finish, but for some reason that makes him grumpy.

Anyway his antler lasted much longer than mine, in fact I think it may still be hidden away somewhere. Maybe I should go look for it. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Yeah, Brinley doesn't like when I try to help her finish treats either.

  2. I guess Fenris never heard the famous saying - You snooze, you lose! Go for it, T!

    Love and licks,

  3. An antler! That's something our biped's dog never had (growing up), even though we lived in the country. Lots of roast bones, though! Bet it was great to chew on, Tuiren. Good luck finding Fenris' leftover one.

    (Tell your mom thanks for stopping by...maybe it's the middle years--easy to gain the weight for us all, hard to take it off and keep it off!)

  4. We dont' see anything wrong with trying to help your brother sweet Turien.

  5. I'm in the eat it as fast as you can team!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. We are sure you could sniff out his bone if you put your nose to it Tuiren.

  7. That antler is sure keeping you busy.

  8. We don't dare try to steal anything of dog-guy, he gets truly nasty...but now that he is pretty much deaf we can sneak a kibble or tow for a snack:) Funny, he used to always clean out his bowl, asap, but now lately he eats only a bite or two at a time. Maybe he wants to savor it. Petcretary says he is getting finicky in his old age. MOL!

    We think those antlers are supposed to last ages. MJF has one too...but he wasn't all that interested in it from the get go. Go figure!

  9. Looks yummy but maybe not fur us Tuiren, MOL


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