Scylla Sunday

Taking selfies with a timer can be a bit of a challenge, something distracts you before the timer goes off and oops you are looking away from the camera.

Or you are blinking, this would be a purrfectly good selfie but the stupid timer caught me blinking. After all we can't all be purrfect like Yin and purrfect the wide eyed innocent look she has mastered.

I think this is the best you are getting a profile shot. I am watching the doggies eat. This shot does show off my whiskers nicely so I am pretty happy with it. Sometimes I think about getting down and going to eat with them, but Fenris disapproves of this idea LOUDLY and even though he is all bark I think I better indulge him on this issue. Plus Mommy would probably do something rude like remove the food bowl if I was so bold as to try. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD


  1. I think you did fine, Scylla - it's hard to get the timer right.

  2. Nothing wrong with a whiskery Side Shot Selfie, most of mine on the timer I'm asleep or still getting back to be where I need to be!

  3. We love your profile selfie Miss Scylla. It probably isn't a good idea to try to eat the dogs food while they are dining. We understand why Fenris would complain about that.

  4. You have the best profile Scylla,xx Speedy

  5. Nice profile selfie, Scylla ! Purrs

  6. Nice Selfie Scylla, well couple of selfies that is

  7. We doggies are funny like that, S. Our bowls are pretty much our own territory. KEEP AWAY.

    Love and licks,

  8. Bentley and Pierre discovered a cat hanging out in our treehouse but they were not happy about it. He ran off when they were on the other side of the treehouse but he always comes back. He like being up high where he can look around. He lives down the street from us. MOL!

  9. You are pretty in profile, Scylla!
    And yes, you had better let Fenris eat all by himself...


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