Thursday in the Garden & Early Flower Friday

 Well Daddy got the Strawberry beds finished and the strawberries planted and they are doing good, they don't seem to mind the rain.

 He planted us some more blueberries, we had so many this year Mommy made Blueberry Juice.

 Our poor Pomegranate isn't doing well at all, it didn't like all the rain. Mommy wishes we had left it in the pot as it would have had a better chance. It is suppose to get pretty big so we were glad Daddy planted it in the yard, we didn't know it was going to come a flood all summer. Usually we have DRY summers and Mommy has to water everything.

 The Cilantro is gone now, Mommy is going to try to get some more to plant. Apparently they are winter herbs and go away in the summer.

 Our roses.

 Wildflowers, we have lots of these and are very fond of them.

 Our Snapdragons are gone too, Mommy says if we are lucky they will come back in the Fall, they don't like the summer heat.

 Pretty little wild violets.


We hope you enjoyed our Garden tour. ~ATCAD


  1. I love seeing your garden - other than the catnip, not much goes on with ours.

    1. You have catnip in your garden???? We would love to have catnip growing in ours. We think if your human can only grow one plant it should be catnip.

  2. Oh, Mama hates it when our cilantro flowers and leaves!!! No pun intended. But strawberries this late? Wonderful. Such a grand garden. Mama loves gardening too, and loves your photos.

  3. Oh yes, I luffed your garden tour....umm...any spare strawberries fur me????
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. We've been dry this summer, so I've been watering, which is a new experience. Patty O'Malley tries to snoopervise, but I don't think he likes the hissing noise from the hose.

  5. Its rather dry here...but your garden looks wonderful! (sorry that your pomegranate isn't liking wet feet...)
    Maybe you can gather some of the cilantro seeds and plant them in the early fall for an autumn harvest.

  6. Your garden is so very beautimous!
    Jakey & Arty

  7. Everything looks great. Blueberry juice sounds good, all I have been making is blueberry muffins.

  8. We are SO ENVIOUS at the lack of tall trees surrounding your property!

  9. Strawberries on my loggia died 3 weeks after I planted it! I have no idea what I did wrong. I would like to have my own garden in future, but I think I have to learn about it a lot! :D
    You have really beautiful garden, do you have any fruits except strawberries? :)

    1. We have blueberries, they do great, muscadines, raspberries (not doing well) apples, and pears. One apple tree died though.


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