Winsome Wednesday with Yin and Chimera

Chimera you are NOT suppose to eat the box!!!!

Well I will just eat the packing paper instead.

You aren't suppose to eat that either.

Really Yin spoils all my fun.

I'll eat the box if I want to. ~Chimera and Yin talking for ATCAD


  1. I eat most everything, but I haven't tried cardboard. YET.

  2. Do you sample everything you come across Chimera?
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Chimera, as a calico kitty, you are allowed to do anything you want!

    1. Thank you Summer, so glad someone understands that.

  4. I don't think cardboard is very nutritious, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself to something decadent like a really big box, don't you? :)

  5. Chimera, we agree with you. There is nothing like a BITE into heavenly cardboard. Just nothing like it. Surprised Yin doesn't understand you!

  6. We bet you are smelling some tasty goodies in that Chewy box. You tell Yin you know exactly what you are doing.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  7. Yin just doesn't know that every cat should chomp on both cardboard AND paper, Chimera!

  8. Yin really needs to try the cardboard. It has a very satisfying "crunch"!

  9. It tried it too, Chimera, cardboard is not the best food for us cats, but it's so much fun to chomp and shred it ! Purrs, Zorro

  10. Boxes, yeah so tempting but after a while, nourishing they 'aint!

  11. Of course! You must always take full advantage of all boxes and the accessories of those boxes! Go for it!

    Love and licks,

  12. Cody is smitten because you are just like HIM!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  13. Hey, that is a good way to clean your teeth, so chew on...besides its a chewy box, right??! MOL!

    Minko used to bite and chomp on our chewy boxes...


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