Thursday in the Garden

We planted some trees this year, this is a Golden Rain Tree it is doing well with all the rain we have been getting.

The geese seem to like our Butterfly Garden they often visit it.

It is very pretty when the Wisteria and Azalea are blooming.

We also planted a Tulip Tree but it is not doing well, we think it died.

Another shot of the Golden Rain Tree.

We planted apple and pear trees too. One of the apple trees even had an apple.

The Gala apple tree died though, we will have to get another apple tree for pollination.

Our Pomegranate was looking nice when we planted it, now it is struggling to survive.

Daddy planted more blueberries and some raspberries.

Mommy actually got outside early enough to take a picture of the sunrise. Sometimes she lays in bed and watches it.

This picture of the goose is out of focus but it has an artistic look to it. Sometimes you get interesting photographs by accident. ~ATCAD


  1. Your garden has some interesting trees and plants. Sad that some things didn't do too well, though.

  2. How cool to see geese like dat!

  3. You all must have acres and acres...and no animal trouble with eating your seedlings and such? A lovely spread. Think about planting Pink Lady...they are the best.

  4. Love the outdoor tour! And that last picture of the goose, very nice, very artistic!

  5. We are sorry some of the trees didn't make it. You have such a lovely space!

  6. guyz....purrhapz two much rain; tell mom N dad knot ta give up on de treez
    just yet....we haz one...hole nayborhood said it waz fried last yeer.....N
    guess what it came back thiz yeer like three timez hiz size !! ☺☺♥♥

  7. Your yard is HUGE! So many wonderful things that you've planted; we tend to go with, "if it comes up, we'll try to keep it alive"! I'll bet a good chunk of our flowers were planted by the squirrels...hehehe!

  8. We always enjoy checking out your garden, it is such a beautimous work in progress!!
    Jakey & Arty


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