Butterflies from May

 For those of you who remember snakeapillar this is him/her all grown up.

 Poor thing picked a really rainy day to come out of it's cocoon.

 Luckily the Lemon/Lime Tree was under the eves of the house so didn't get the full brunt of the rain.

 And once the sun came out it seemed to do OK and Mom got some pictures of it before it got strong enough to fly away.

 It had to exercise it's wings and get them dry.

 Sometimes it fell down and had to climb back up.

 But eventually...

 It learned to fly.



  1. That is a most awesome sight to behold in the middle of winter!

  2. Swallow Tails are Mum's most favourite Buttie Pillars and i nose she'll be green wiv the jellyness that you grew one of your very own in your garden
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. That is a beautiful Giant Swallowtail. It's so cool to see it right out of the cocoon before life beats them up a bit.

  4. Oh, so beautiful. I wish we had some around here. Ours are yellow.

  5. Cannot wait for Spring to arrive!

  6. Thanks fur the warming photos

  7. Love the butterflies. Warming pictures during winter + something to look forward to.


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