Thursday in the Garden (May)

We are dedicating this post to Jonesie who did her gardening at Cory Cat Blog she started the Society of Feline Gardeners.

 We were proud members of the Society. Our dear friend Jonesie has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, we will miss her a great deal and we want to extend purrs of comfort and paws of sympathy to her family. Jonesie, this post is for you and we know somewhere you are looking down on our garden and smiling. 

 Another butterfly emerged from it's cocoon, they all sorta look the same.

 It few to the forsythia, the forsythia is nothing but a collection of sticks at the moment. We are looking forward to seeing it bloom as it will mean Spring is here. We are tired of WINTER.

 Daddy planted us some tomatoes. They did pretty good at first.

 They really seemed to like being in the shade. But then the rains came and they drowned.

 The Oregano went nuts though, it was a very happy camper and bloomed and bloomed.

 The Gardenias were lovely

 And so was this flower.



  1. what a sweet post for your friend... big hugs to her furmily...

  2. We were so sad to hear about Jonesie. :-(

  3. Lovely post for your dear friend. Purrs

  4. We are experiencing a bit of spring here for a couple of days with temps in the upper 50's to near 60. Winter will return by tomorrow night though. We hope your veggies can do better this year and not get drowned.

  5. We send Purrs to Jonesie's family and friends. Very nice post of things we are looking furward to here in frozen PA
    Timmy and Family

  6. Sorry you lost a good friend. A lovely tribute post for her.


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