(Thankful) Thursday in the Garden

The Asters are native plants and do very well here. We even have some growing wild.

We love wildflowers and look forward to see them blooming again soon.

Spring and Fall are our best time for flowers, but we do have things blooming all year. Even in the winter.

We think this is yarrow but we are not sure.

Whirling Butterflies, it is a native plant, but Mommy bought it at a nursery to plant.

A semi-tropical plant that is blooming happily in the greenhouse.

Our cuphea, the frost got it so we are hoping it is able to come back. If not we will have to buy some more.

The hydrangeas enjoyed our extremely wet summer, they don't usually do very well in this location. We are thankful for our lovely garden and for the greenhouse that keeps our tropicals safe in the winter and most of all we are thankful it is almost Spring. ~ATCAD


  1. Pretty flowers! We can't wait for ours to come back.

  2. Looking good and it's very encouraging to see blooming season on the way! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. guyz.....thanx for sharing...itz nice ta see flowerz & green...we gotta wayz
    ta go yet !!! we agreez with mom we think thatz yarrow two ~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  4. My goal is to plant lots of native plants in the yard, so everything takes care of itself and can survive the Michigan seasons. Pretty flowers, thanks for sharing!

  5. Now those pictures make me think spring.

  6. Your flowers and greenery help warm us up when we are waiting for an extended cold period to come. Spring for us is a long way off.

  7. We admire yer flowering plants in Winter and those stone borders!


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