Thursday in the Garden

To cheer us up we are showing you some flowers that were blooming in June. These are Mexican Petunias. The frost got them, so we have our paws crossed they will come back this Springs.

Trumpet Vine, it is a native plant and should be fine although right now it looks dead.

Cuphea, the frost got it too, so paws crossed it comes back.

Rosemary, it had gotten very tall so Mommy chopped it up some. It is still very large. There are some other plants in the Charybdis Bed with it, Whirling Butterflies, Tickseed and Amaryllis.

Overview of the Butterfly Garden.

For the longest time we couldn't figure out what this was as it looks very large. MOL, Mommy must have been laying on the ground when she took the picture. It is Golden Globe, it is a ground cover.

Lantana, we actually have some blooming in the Greenhouse now.

Stokes Asters, these are native plants too so should be doing just fine and ready to bloom again this Springs. ~ATCAD


  1. Oh, it's nice to look at your photos, and forget about Old Man Winter for a few seconds! Am trying to find joy in the cold and snow, but I want Spring to be here NOW...

  2. Lovely!! I had a big rosemary bush - about 3 feet tall - and I'm afraid our really cold winter has killed it! It's all brown and it used to stay green all winter.

  3. This makes me think of Spring. Beautiful photos

  4. We love seeing your flowers to help warm us up. Lantana is one of our mom's favorites.

  5. Thank you so much. It is good to see the promise of Summer in the cold of Winter...


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