Winsome Wednesday with Chimera

Mommy looked high and low for the perfect water bowl for Fenris and Tuiren. She found a super expensive one on Amazon, but her cheapness didn't want to spend that much money. Mommy really hated the designs of most Dog Water Dispensers as you have to turn the tank upside down and put it on. And they are pretty heavy to lift if you get a large one. Fenris and Tuiren have already been through several and Mommy hated everyone of them. So she really liked the design of this one as you just took the lid off to add water (no picking the tank up and turning it upside down) and it had wheels so she could roll it to wherever she wanted, but she didn't like the price. Then she hit on the novel idea of getting this dog bowl that holds three gallons. Daddy ran the short hose to it.

Fenris and Tuiren approve of it and it is easy enough for Mommy to keep it cleaned and filled and it was pretty inexpensive so Mommy gives it 5 stars (excellent) rating.

Now I am going to amble down to the Hummingbird Cottage for awhile, it is a great spot to do bird watching.

I know most of you think bird watching is entertaining, but it is a very important skill there are some big birds that can actually EAT CATS. We has some of them here owls and hawks, so you needs to hide from them. And then there are birds that just CHASE CATS, we has them too the Geese got after Yang, so you needs to know where the birds are so you can steer clear of them. BIRDS ARE VERY DANGEROUS STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

When I get through playing outside I come inside to sleep.

It is nice and safe in here. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD


  1. We have hawks in our nayborhood that have carried off small dogs even.

  2. Chimera, I like birds cooked. Then they can't hurt you, and they are tasty!

  3. That is quite the watering system you have. We think you should just stay indoors all the time so you will be safe from any predator.

  4. Chimera, kitties had best beware of those big owls, hawks and falcons! You look very peaceful as you nap!

  5. That's a great bowl and hose contraption. We like our water in stainless steel bowls too. Mom is thankful that both Misty and Timber have stopped digging in their inside water bowls. But we wonder if it may have something to do with it not being hot outside. We like to cool our feeties:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. We have to worry about those big birds too, but not for our kitty, who stays indoors, but because they might go after our chickens! We like the cute little songbirds much better.
    By the way, our chickens don't chase cats either, they love it when Samantha gets to go outside and visit with them. :)

  7. We think it's a good idea to stay away from those mean birdies!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  8. good for you Chimera knowing that the safest place is inside and warm, tucked in for a nice nap


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