Caturday Art

Mommy made this page for the challenge X you had to show an x-ray fish, and x-ray and an xylophone.

This was a song challenge you picked a song starting with the letter B, Mommy picked Bad Moon Rising.

Quote Challenge

This was for the Zodiac Challenge.

Song Challenge with the letter D, Mommy picked Dandelion Wine.

Movie Challenge ET.

For this challenge you had to have a castle and a dragon.

And for this one you had to spy something starting with the letter G. Mommy picked Gold.  ~ATCAD


  1. You always make the prettiest scrapbook pages. I love the last one! :)

  2. We always love seeing your inventive scrapbook pages.

  3. that's a lot of work and all really pretty... the gold one is beautiful. the first one the mom was wondering where you found an xray photo... really interesting... purrz n stuffs from the Katie Kat and Katie the Mom.

    1. That's easy Mommy googled it

      There is also a neat place called png tree where you can find clip art.

  4. All great art as always!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  5. These are all beautiful. I am going to have Bad Moon Rising in my head all day now :)

  6. Thanks for the share. They are all lovely. We especially love quote challenge one. The purple coloring is perfectly throughout the photo. You put in a lot of hard work with doing these. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    World of Animals

  7. Your mom is clever and quite artsy
    Hugs madi

  8. Such talent! We loved the first two but they're all wonderful.


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