Foto Friday with Chimera

 I told Mommy that it was highly unfair that Yin is the supermodel in the family and that I wanted the job. I am not just cute and cuddly I can be glamorous too. So Mommy and Yin said I could apply for the position BUT Mommy insisted on doing a photo session when I wanted to sleep.

 A girl needs her beauty rest after all. Yinny said if I wanted to be a professional model then I had to work when Mommy said. That is so UNFAIR.

 But I suppose I will cooperate just to show them I can model as good as Yin, this is my POUTY LOOK.

 This is my pensive look.

 This is my I wanna get to know you better look, also known as the come hither look.

And this is my glamorous look. So what do you think should I be the top model at Casa de Alawine? Will the boycats be knocking down my door??? I should warn them Fenris is usually on the other side of the door. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Chimera, you are still NO. ONE in your family, you know that, right?

  2. Oh Chimera, you are such a beauty. Dad absolutely loves your markings. You do take such wonderful photos, my dear.

  3. You sure are looking great today Chimera. Maybe you and Yin could share the job of top model?

  4. Such lovely fur colorings you have, Chimera! Your beauty just shines, whether you are posing or napping. I think you should get some treats no matter what...

  5. We think you're very photogenic, Chimera. Can there be more than one models at your house?

  6. Great job, Chi. The crossed paw is everything!

    Love and licks,


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