Thursday in The Garden

Some shy little violets growing wild. Mommy loves violets they are her birth flower. Many of our long time readers will remember The Society of Feline Gardeners and our friend Master Gardener Jonesie, we sure do miss her.

Our Seven Sisters' Roses , they change color.

More of the Seven Sisters'

And this is the Dead Roses or Scylla's Bane. We don't know it's real name Grandpa calls in the Dead Roses cause the lady that gave it to him said her husband killed it when he cut it back. Mommy calls it Scylla's Bane cause it's the rose bush that hurt her tail. It's a deep dark red and actually smells good.

And this is the Sniffie rose planted for our friend Sniffie. It's a pretty red and is blooming right now. It blooms in the Spring and the Fall.

Mommy says while Scylla's Bane may have viciously attacked Scylla it's her favorite rose bush as it smells good and blooms several times a year. It even blooms in Winter. ~ATCAD


Lone Star Cats said...

Pretty roses! All of ours died from rose rosette disease - it's so bad here. :(

Zoolatry said...

Oh yes, how well we remember Cory Cat ... and "all" the feline gardeners ... your garden is
so lovely. What a green thumb you have. My brown one is "green" with envy!

Eastside Cats said...

Lovely flowers!
With the help of a friend who is a master gardener, wildflower enthusiast, and a cat lady, we are grooming our garden to make it cat friendly, for The 'O' Cats!

Millie and Walter said...

You have such pretty roses. We bet it smells great.

Sandee said...

I enjoyed strolling through your garden. Beautiful.

Have a fabulous day. ♥