Scylla Sunday

The bad rain came just when the Devil Trumpet bloomed so it isn't as pretty as usual.

I told Mommy to take it's picture anyway.

Mommy made me walk all the way to the Hummingbird Cottage for my treats.

I was very hungry after playing outside all day. I asked Tuiren to share her food with me.

But she very RUDELY said NO!!!!!

So I pretended like I wasn't interested. ~Scylla reporting for ATCAD

Saturday Artwork

Do you know who this cat is? When Mommy inverts the colors strange kitty's come to play in our house. ~ATCAD

Fenris Friday

I loves my new toy. Mommy thinks I am silly because I have made a nest in front of the door.

I has my blanket, my toy and my foods what more could a doggie want? ~Fenris reporting for ATCAD

Thursday in the Garden with Scylla

The Victoria Blue Salvia is still blooming.

Mommy finally weeded the flowerbed so you can actually see it.

I am enjoying having Daddy home, he is far better at keeping the yard properly maintained then Mommy is. ~Scylla reporting for ATCAD

What's in the Box Wednesday with Fenris

Scylla tried to get in the box but she couldn't, it has my name on it.

That means only I can open it.

I can't wait.

It was packed with love and just look at all the loot that was inside.

No wonder Scylla was trying to get in it, she smelled FOODS.

This is a neat water bowl. Mommy says if she ever takes us on hikes with her and Daddy this would come in handy. It folds up real small so Mommy could stick it in a pocket, but you can open it up and it holds water/food.  She has been meaning to get us one, so we were really happy it was included.

A Bully Stick, I have claimed it for my own.

A colorful felt toy, I wants it too, although I will consider sharing it with Tui if she shows any interest in it. I will tell you about the other stuffs in another post, but it was all really nice and we just LOVED getting a Pet Box. We are letting Scylla have the box to sit in, so she got something too and she says she will share box sitting time with Socks. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

Tuiren Tuesday

I thinks I smell Fall.

It is one of my favorite times of the year. It is cool enough to run and play but still warm enough to enjoy being outside.
Fenris and I are keeping an eye on Mommy.

She is up to no good.

She is sweeping all the Fenris fur and dirts off the porch.

Doesn't she know that is what makes it OUR porch.

Well at least she is cleaning the water bowl and giving us fresh water.

Maybe I'll forgive her for cleaning the Fenris furs and dirts off the porch. ~Tuiren reporting for ATCAD

Mancat Monday

Well it was a terribly hard job but someone had to do it. The flowerbeds at the Hummingbird Cottage have now been weeded. It certainly took long enough. Now we needs to weed the Butterfly Garden.  ~Socks complaining for ATCAD