Weighty Wednesday

Some of you know the dreadful word OBESE was applied to me.

Large fat deposits over the chest, back, tail base and hindquarters. The abdomen sags prominently and there is no waist when viewed from above. 

Yep, that was me. Now I am pleased to announce I am merely overweight.

Ribs and spine are hard to feel underneath fat. Distended or pear-shaped waist when viewed from above. The abdomen sags when seen from the side. 

While this is healthier than being obese, I am still committed to losing the extra pounds and getting as close to my ideal weight 7 pounds as possible. I currently weigh 14 pounds.

I am eating Hill's® Prescription Diet®Feline Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution and I only get 1/4 cup in the morning and 1/4 cup in the evening of the dry food. I also has my food put in a puzzle feeder.

I really enjoy having to earn my supper. Sometimes I don't eat all my food and wait until Mommy closes all the compartments back as soon as she does I rush to open them again and eat.

While it is important for overweight or obese cats to lose weight it is equally important that they do it slowly. If you cat is obese or overweight talk to your veterinarian about a weight loss plan for them.

It’s really dangerous for a cat to not eat for a couple of days, says Dr. Marshall. “They can get fatty liver syndrome (hepatic lipidosis), which can cause them to go into liver failure.” Weight loss that’s too fast could also bring about inflammatory responses in the lungs and joints or hypoglycemia. Instead Dr. Marshall suggests that a cat initiate a gradual weight loss program and only after a veterinarian has checked the cat out for underlying diseases. -

Five Ways to Help Your Cat Slim Down

Besides cutting my calories I am exercising more. Remember Diet and Exercise are key to losing weight safely. 

~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Skip is Looking For a Home

Skip is a vibrant young black and white Border Collie approximately eight to nine months old and weighs about 40 lbs. He probably won't get much bigger than around 50 lbs He has great house manners and has done very well with potty training (only a couple of accidents since being in foster care). This baby boy loves to play but instinctively knows boundaries depending on who or what he plays with. He won over the trust of a five year old afraid of dogs by way of gentle and considerate play antics. When the little tyke was afraid to pick up a ball and throw it, Skip gently rolled the ball towards him with his paw and showed him it was okay. Border Collies are natural herders. With no sheep or cattle to herd, Skip has apparently decided it is his duty to herd the resident cats (a bit to their dismay but all in good fun and no harm intended or extended to anyone). Although this sweet little boy has lots of energy to go around, he has no problem settling in and laying quietly when play time is over. His foster mom found it entertaining that he immediately laid claim to his crate and enjoys playing and snoozing in it especially when his person is nearby. Skip does very well on leash and his leash manners are such that a child can easily work with him. This beautiful pup loves playing with his foster sibling but is equally adept at entertaining himself. Skip is a quick study and eager to learn and please. He has learned basic commands such as sit, down, leave it, and off. Border Collies are a very intelligent breed and this handsome boy is no exception. Skip is already neutered, up to date on all of his vaccinations and current on all of his preventatives. This bundle of joy is waiting for a family to love him for ever. He's the kind of dog who will always be there for you, loving, loyal and always grateful.

If interested in meeting this sweet boy, send an email to friendsofjcas@gmail.com. $100.00 adoption fee covers neuter, vaccinations, wormers and preventatives.

You can help save a life like Skip's by fostering an animal from JCAS. If interested in fostering, contact Kelly at fosterforfriends@gmail.com

If you would like to donate to help us help the foster parents with food, medications and preventatives you can paypal us at fjcasp@gmail.com

WE ARE NOW 501(c)3, nonprofit and all of your donations are tax deductible!!

Mancat Monday

This bed is too big, but it is Tuiren's bed after all. It is also PINK.

This bed is just right and it is MY BED. ~Socks, sleeping for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday

I thinks Mommy is spying on me AGAIN.

Last week when the weather was nice Mommy came outside and did some weeding. The beds look much better now that she has the dead stuffs out of them. I am happy to report the Greenhouse is finished, and the flowers in pots are nicely tucked away inside them for the winter.

 And since it is Sunday I am letting Lady Meara post her selfie.
 ~Scylla, meowing for ATCAD

Happy Holidays

We hopes you likes the Holiday Card we made for you. ~(Alasandra) Fenris, Tuiren, Scylla & Socks

We are taking part in Kitty Par-Tay's Feline Art.

Finally Finished Friday

The beans have finally finished the exercise room. It has lots of scary stuffs in there, that makes lots of racket in the mornings.

Mommy of course added a few feminine touches.

And of course there are always BOOKS. ~Scylla reporting for ATCAD

Thursday in the Garden

One of our friends asked if we have micro climates here. Nope, but we have lots of plants that can survive and bloom during our winter. Lots of plants that are annuals in other parts of the U.S. are tender perennials here. And this is one of our favorite winter plants it is an evergreen and it blooms in winter. This one is pale pink.

And this one is hot pink.

Hope you enjoyed our winter flowers. ~ATCAD