Caturday Art

Pencil sketch of Scylla being photo bombed by Yin's tail.

Painting of Yang preparing to pounce on Scylla with a frame added

The always popular Infrared with Yang and Scylla as subjects.

Next we have some scrapbook pages Mommy did for challenges Laurel and Hardy


The Letter M

Marlene Dietrich

Marilyn Monroe

Page Mom did for St. Patrick's Day.

And our header.

Finally Friday with Yang & Scylla

Do you think Mommy might have taken too many pictures of us playing with out toys????

Just look at Yang strutting his stuff and he is mighty proud of his tail.

He says he is very sure that it is LONGER than Waffles' tail.

And of course he brags about his buns of steel.

And for some reason he thinks the girl cats want to see his tongue. Really Yang put it back in your mouth where it belongs.

I swear the boy has no sense.

~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Thankful Thursday (Toys, Tails & Birthdays)

Let's play!!!!! Sometimes I do actually play with Yang and nip always puts me in the mood to play.

Should I do the roll or the spring?

Yin what do you think?

Nip, wonderful Nip must smell the nip.

Let's sniff nip before we play.

I really wish I had a bath tub full of nip.

I would roll in it and inhale the lovely smell all day.

I am thankful that I had a birthday yesterday, even though it means I am getting older. I want to Thank all my friends for stopping by and for their purrday wishes. I really appreciate them. I am thankful I still have my lovely tail, for those of you who are new to our blog I almost lost my tail a few years ago. And I am very thankful for our toys and for nip, we still love these toys they are amongst our very favorites. ~Scylla reporting for ATCAD

Happy Birthday Scylla!!!!!!!

Today is Scylla's 11th Birthday and we are having a small party for her, we are so very glad you could join us.
We has appetizers.........................

 A variety of cheeses


 and these cute little mice.

 For the main course we have steak

and grilled fish.

 We have a catnip salad with crab cakes as a side dish

along with Spaghetti Squash topped with Cheese

For dessert we have Cake

And Homemade Ice-cream, there are three varieties to choose from Catmint, Vanilla and Dog Cookies with Cream

We have Sun Catmint Tea with Fruit to drink.

Before you go we hope you will take a party favor. Thanks for coming by to help celebrate Scylla's 11th Birthday, we love our Grouchy Girl and hope she is with us for many more birthdays. ~ATCAD

Talking on Tuesday with Scylla & Yang

This time you should pay attention to Yang's leg the camera made it disappear, MOL. OK so I was sniffing nip to my hearts content when BAD BROTHER CAT prepared to pounce on me.

He thinks I don't realize he is in Pouncing Mode.

Just LOOK AT HIM!!!!!!! It couldn't be more obvious what is on HIS mind.

Now take a good look at his left leg. See how he is going to use it to push off and spring on me.

He thinks he is a ninja cat.

Now see how the camera tried to make his leg disappear, apparently the camera thought we were starring in some Star Trek episode or something. Beam Yang up Scotty!!!!

Or maybe we are having nip hallucinations.

Whoa that's some good nip. Peace on Earth and all that. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Mancat Monday (Special effects with the camera)

This is MY SIDE OF THE STORY and be sure to keep an eye on Yin's tale the camera did all sorts of weird things to it we don't have a clue how. Anyway Yin and I were playing when the rude one, also known as Scylla came charging in and took over.

I decided I needed a bath and Yin decided to go see what Mommy was doing.

Mommy of course was taking our picture, I mean really what else is she doing when she sits on the floor and points objects at us (sometimes she uses a real camera, sometimes Dad's tablet and sometimes her phone, it seems everything can take pictures these days).

Anyway the rude one was busy inhaling nip, I was busy bathing and Yin was busy having her tail sort of disappear.

The only cat missing was Chimera and she was still outside playing.

Scylla does play with us sometimes, she just has a lot of rules and sometimes I forget them.

And Scylla likes to scream, howl, hiss and make racket even when she is having a good time. She has done this ever since she was a kitten.

So it's really hard to tell when she is actually hissed off and when she is just adding sound effects to the playing. I have to admit she has a pawesome battlecry. ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD on Mancat Monday