Mancat Monday with Yang

 I love all my siblings, but I especially LOVE my littermate Yin. She is a good big sister, she took care of me when I was little and really sick. So now I take care of her. I give her baths. For those of you who don't know we were born into a feral cat colony, you can read about how we came to live at ATCAD here.

 I protect her while she is sleeping.

 I keeps her warm when it is cold.

 And we spend lots of time together socializing and just hanging out.

 We play together too.

 Today we are climbing trees.


 I enjoy wrestling with Chimera. It's hard to believe she will have lived at ATCAD for an entire year December 26th. You can read about how she got found when she was just a wee baby with her eyes still closed here.

She is still so tiny it is hard to get a good grip on her.

Somebody asked what we want for Christmas? We want all cats and dogs to find homes for the Holidays.  If you can please consider adopting a fur child.

Yang, reporting for ATCAD on Mancat Monday

Scylla Sunday

 I love having kittens. They make good snuggle buddies.

 Yinny and I enjoy gossiping together.

And they are pawesome playmates. Before I go I am going to take a selfie of me watching them play. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

PeeS: All of us here at ATCAD are very sad that Fiona has left for the bridge. Even if you aren't hopping today please go by The Cat On My Head to give Fiona's family your support.

Caturday Art

 Today's theme is Flowers, that are still blooming at our house. This is the Pineapple Sage. We did a circle effect with it.

 The Cape Honeysuckle. The pencil sketch we most always do.

 Another circle this time with a rose. It sort of looks like a Christmas ornament.

And Yinny on the bed with some friends. ~ATCAD

Sammy Come Fly with US

We thought Sammy, One Spoiled Cat, would enjoy visiting the Pascagoula River Audubon Center in Moss Point, MS on Rhodes Bayou, which drains into the Escatawpa and Pascagoula Rivers. It is about 30 minutes from our house. We all hopped in Sammy's hot air balloon and headed to the Audubon Center.

They use permeable gravel-pave parking and driving surfaces. It looks attractive, it's easy to walk on and it's good for the environment. We would love to have that in our driveway. The Mom arranged for us to go on a Kayaking Tour of the Bayou. While we are waiting for everyone to get here we thought Sammy might enjoy taking a gander in the Moss Point Fine Art Gallery.

The gallery focuses on nature based, two dimensional work that highlights flora and fauna or nature themes. Coastal Mississippi is home to a vast array of talented painters and photographers, so there is always something terrific to see. We try to stop in every time we visit.

We decided to let our Daddy launch his kayak first.

They have a very nice launch here, it is very easy to get in and out without getting wet.

Then our group set off to do some exploring.

Alas our photographer otherwise known as Mommy didn't take many pictures as she was afraid of dropping the camera.

She did manage to get a picture of this though....................................................

Yes, it's an alligator, there seemed to be a good many of them about.

They timed the kayak tour to end with the sun setting over the bayou. It was very beautiful.

Kayaking is very hungry work so we thought we better take Sammy out to eat. We headed to  Anthony's Under the Oaks.

It is on our way home and overlooks Fort Bayou.  Now that we have full tummy's we are very tired kittys and doggies so we invited Sammy to have a slumber party at our house.  He accepted so you will find all us cats sacked out in Mommy's bed. The doggies are hogging the dining room. Feel free to join us catching some Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs. ~ATCAD

Before we go we want to take a moment to remember Easy. He was a true friend to all in blogville. Always ready to lend a paw when someone needed help or cheering up. In fact it was Easy that dreamed up this blog hop to cheer his pal Sammy up.

Easy we are going to miss you so much. Paws of comfort and purrs of sympathy to your family.

Be sure to join the Come Fly with Me Blog Hop

Thankful Thursday in the Garden

 Our Hummer was still here the first week in November. We haven't seen him for awhile so we think he finally migrated.

 This one is really pushy and comes right on the porch to tell Mommy to fill the feeders up.

 I guess we will be collecting the feeders and bringing them in the house soon.

 Our Hummers may be gone but we still have birds for your viewing pleasure.

 This one is rather shy so Mommy has to use the zoom lens to get his picture.

 We thinks it is a Blue Heron.

 (Sigh) Mommy turned the picture black and white.

 Finally we have color again.

We are thankful for all the abundant wildlife, that can be found on our property. We enjoy watching the birds, squirrels and rabbits. ~ATCAD

Winsome Wednesday

 When it is cold we stay inside and snuggle.

 The couch is nice and comfy. Mommy and Scylla are hogging MY CHAIR.

 The bed is comfy too and you have a nice view of OUTSIDE.

 Where I want to be.

 I will just have to practice my gymnastics on the bed.

 I really really want to catch the fan.

 Daddy's hat might do as a toy.

 Now how do I get it down.

Yinny, what are the doggies doing? ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD