Sibling Saturday

Mommy planted Pinata Lavender in the her bed.

Fenris kept careful watch while Mommy was weeding the herb bed and planting the lavender. I was too busy doing yoga. I thinks I have down dog, down pat, what do you thinks?

The bed looks very nice after she weeded it.

The oregano, fennel and Mexican Tarragon are all coming back from last year.

We hopes the lavender does good.

It has such pretty purple flowers and we can see it from our porch. ~Tuiren (& Fenris) reporting for ATCAD

Fenris Friday

Mommy has a lot of weeding to do at the Hummmingbird Cottage.

The Rooster Violets are blooming.

Some pretty little purple flowers growing wild. Mommy is going to try to weed around them.

Some yellow wildflowers.

Our Wisteria.

The Japanese Magnolia has a bloom on it, it isn't doing very well since the beaver ate some of it.

A butterfly is visiting the purple Wisteria.

We have been getting a lot of RAIN, so the pond is way up.

But overall everything looks nice.

And I want to go for a walk. ~Fenris reporting for ATCAD

Thursday in the Garden

Mommy went to the Herb and Garden Fest in Ocean Springs, she was very naughty and didn't take any of us with her not even the doggies. See the small plant on the table, that is the catnip she got at the Herb and Garden Fest.

She got two pillows for the porch. They both have butterflies on them, big surprise huh?

We haven't decided which one we likes best as both are very pretty.

Mommy also got some new plants for the front flower bed. After she finally got through weeding it she planted them.

Dwarf Chinese Witch Hazel, it is suppose to stay small.

She got six Victoria Blue Salvia Farinacea. We can't wait until they bloom.

And this is Senorita Rosalita Cleome hybrid.

Mommy also got new plants for the hanging basket, unfortunately she can't remember what they are.

Now she has to start weeding the beds around the Hummingbird Cottage.

We already have Hummingbirds.

Mommy got us another full size Chinese Witch Hazel for the Butterfly Garden, this is the new one.

And this is the one we have had for several years. ~ATCAD

Wildlife Wednesday

Mommy got some absolutely fabulous photographs of the Blue Heron.

Usually he is very shy and stays on the back side of the pond. Normally he flies off if Mommy gets close enough for a photograph and he moves way to fast for her to capture him on film if he is moving.

We thinks he is a very attractive bird.

He eats snakes and frogs and stuffs.

One minute he was by the pine tree and the next............................

He was by the woods Mommy never saw him move.

Do you thinks he has a magic transportation device?

We has a few more photos of him for your viewing pleasure.


Tuiren Tuesday

Mommy, Mommy come quick!

There is a pink snake in our yard.

Oh, it's just a water hose. How embarrassing.

But a girl can't be too careful you know.

~Tuiren reporting for ATCAD

Mancat Monday

I am just listening to bird radio, they sing the most glorious songs. ~Socks reporting for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday

We has baby blueberries they should be ready to pick soon.

We has baby strawberries too. Mommy says they should be ready to pick in a few weeks.

This is the front flowerbed Mommy planted some new stuffs in it after she weeded it.

And of course Scylla Sunday isn't complete without a picture of ME. ~ Scylla reporting for ATCAD