Caturday Art

 We are sharing the same picture over and over but Mommy did different things to it. This is vivid colors.

 This was with back lighting.

 Here she did seamless tiling.

And in this one she turned everything black and white except the rose. Which one do you likes best. ~Scylla, art critic for ATCAD

Fenris Friday #FuelTheCure "Loving Life" Fundraiser & Contest

Hailey and Zaphod told us that Zuke's is hosting the #FuelTheCure campaign. For every blog that posts, Zuke's is donating $5 to the Dog and Cat Cancer Fund. Many of our canine and feline friends are battling cancer or have passed away due to cancer so we wanted to do what we could to help.  We found out just in time to take part.

I LOVE my life. I has a large yard to play in.

A comfortable porch to sit on, complete with a huge swing for the Mom to enjoy.

Sticks to play with.

You has to show them who is boss though.

And interesting smells to roll in.

Yep life is good.

Best of all I am HEALTHY!!!!!!

I paws that one day they will find a cure and all my friends will be healthy too.

Tuiren and I thinks a squirrel invaded our yard while we were inside.

We has to go sniff it out. ~Thanks for visiting, Fenris promoting #FuelTheCure for ATCAD

PeeS go by To Dog With Love to see more information about ways you can help #FuelTheCure with twitter #FuelTheLove @Zukes.

Thursday in the Garden

This bed is full and looks really nice. Mommy will have to concentrate on filling the other beds next year assuming all the flowers she planted this year come back.

The Mexican Sage looks nice with the Shasta Daisy's.

This bed needs more flowers in it, but the Coral Bean makes a brillant show and looks nice with the roses that are blooming.

The Coral Bean is a Native Plant, and we hopes it will spread in our yard.

We just love our pink roses.

This flower escaped from Daddy's wildflower bed we are not sure of it's name.


Wordless Wild Bird Wednesday


Tuiren Tuesday

Fenris, will be going to get his flu shot Thursday. They were out when he went for his annual shots due to the outbreak of Canine Influenza in Chicago.  Now that they have it in, he has an appointment to go get it. Guess I will miss my walk as Mommy will probably leave me home.

When she took him for his annual shots I was very worried. I sat by the gate the entire time they were gone waiting for Mommy to bring him HOME. As soon as they got home I started licking him and making sighing noises. Mommy says she guess I love him (D'oh, did it take her that long to figure out I loves my brother), she is more use to me biting him. I am a very bad girl and bully Fenris terribly, luckily he has lots of hair around his neck, and I usually gets a mouthful of hair. He just growls at me when I bites him. Mommy says if he ever gets tired of me being a bully I will be in trouble. I say GIRLS RULE BOYS DROOL! Although Mommy says I drool more than Fenris, although since they got the stick out of my mouth I don't drool as much. Mommy calls me the B word, which we aren't allowed to say in polite company, and she says that the boys (Socks & Fenris) are much nicer than me and Scylla. Really me and Scylla are not bullies and the B word,  just because we keep the guys in line. You don't think we are bullies do you? Mommy says even if I was as nice as PIE, I would still be the B word since I am a female dog. Are all female doggies bullies to their brothers?  ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

PeeS: Remember to have your peeps ask your veterinarian what vaccinations you need. We gets an extra vaccine because we are exposed to wildlife. We gets vaccinated for Leptospirosis, do you?

Mancat Monday

It's so nice having Daddy home, his work boots have the most interesting smells. ~Socks, reporting for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday

I am having a wonderful Scylla Sunday, would you like to join me for a garden stroll.

The Firecracker Cuphea is a riot of blooms.  The Candy Corn is starting to get in on the act, they are going to look fantastic together.

The Mexican Sage was just getting started here. It looks gorgeous now.

The roses and Whirling Butterflies look spectacular together.

The Trailing Princess is doing well in the hanging baskets.

And the roses are looking and smelling divine.

I love kicking back and just enjoying the beauty.

The Hummingbird Cottage is my favorite pace to hang out.

Sometimes we has interesting visitors.

I am saying hello to a lizard that came by to play with me.

We are enjoying a game of chase.

He is very speedy and has lots of places to hide.

Mommy says it looks as if it's fixing to rain.

I thinks the lizard must have rushed home to avoid the storm, he left abruptly.

Our Wildflower Bed is doing well.

Let's take a stroll around the garden.

Roses blooming.

The Gold Flame Honeysuckle is blooming.

Close up of the Mexican Sage.

Close up of the Gold Flame Honeysuckle.

Butterfly Flower.

Mommy grew this ornamental pepper from seed, she collected last year.

Can you see the roses blooming on the roof of the Hummingbird Cottage, it looks lovely covered in flowers.

This is our Coral Honeysuckle, it is native to Mississippi.

It looks pawesome on the roof of the Hummingbird Cottage.

Daddy accidentally whacked the Lily of the Nile bloom when he was weed eating we hopes it will bloom again.

The Victoria Blue Salvia is multiplying nicely.

Now me and Mommy are going to take a break and enjoy a good book.

Feel free to explore our garden on your own.

I am going to see if the lizard has come back to play with me. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD