Caturday Art with Yin #catwisdom101 #blackcatbook

Here we have a clowder of Yins, done with seamless tiling.

Yin decided to travel to an alternate universe. She kept her lovely black furs but added some gold highlights to match her eyes.

Pencil sketch

And here we played with the lighting and the color to create a mysterious look. ~Yin, posing for ATCAD

PeeS: we wanted to remind you about the Kickstarter Campaign for Black Cats Tell All. Yin will be very sad if they don't get enough money to publish the book.

Fenris Friday with Tuiren

On Thursdays, we meet Mommy's friend Tammy and go walking on the beach in Ocean Springs. Mrs. Tammy walks Tuiren and I walk Mommy.

Since it gets kinda hot on the beach we also walk around the neighborhood. Ocean Springs has some beautiful live oak trees that provide nice shade.

Mommy finally thought to ask Mrs Tammy to take some pictures of us so we could share out beach walk with you.

When Mommy feels really ambitious they leave us at home and walk the Ocean Springs/Biloxi Bridge you can see in the background. They aren't very fond of that walk as the cars are close by and it is very noisy and windy. Mommy says we wouldn't like it at all. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD with his sidekick Tuiren

Thursday in the Garden with Yin

See this is a great napping spot, you can barely see me.

Although Mommy knew where I was at. I think this is Tickseed next to me. Humans sure do come up with weird names for plants.

It makes my head hurt trying to figure out how they name things.

Sometimes Yang and Chimera get put in the house because they don't stay with Mommy like they are suppose to.

It is peaceful here then and you don't have to worry about being pounced on.

Then Socks comes to hang out with us. Sometimes Mommy has trouble telling us apart.

I really don't know how she gets us confused.

I likes to watch the Hummingbirds, I am good and don't bother them.

Youngest boy brought Chimera down here to hang out with us.

He promised to watch her, so she didn't get in TROUBLE.

I had to help Mommy water the plants.

Even when we get rain, Mommy has to water the plants in pots cause they dry out really fast.

We also planted the plant Grandpa gave us.

I like playing with the box.

Even if it did smell like Lady O and the cats and Grandma & Grandpa's house.

As a reward for all my hard work I gets to take a dust bath. ~Yin, reporting for ATCAD

Winsome Wednesday with Yin

Hello everyone, thank you for coming by to visit with me.

I am waiting for Mommy to gather up all her gardening stuff so we can go to the Hummingbird Cottage. She is very pokey.

We are FINALLY here.

The flowers have been growing up a storm.

I just love the Whirling Butterflies.

What is your favorite flower?

I likes them all, I don't think I could pick just one. We had to go back to the house to get something.

Mommy is terribly forgetful. I hunted bugs while I waited on her.

I stay right with Mommy when we are outside.

Unlike the rest of them, who run off and leave us. Chimera is grounded cause she ran way off in the woods and didn't come when Mommy called. Youngest boy had to go get her.

I am just going to find a good place to nap.

While Mommy weeds, she takes forever. ~Yin, reporting for ATCAD

Tuiren Tuesday

 BOL, Yang thinks he is a dog. He also got my hole that I dug with my very own paws.

 I thinks this is very rude. He should dig his own holes if you ask me.

 Whatever Mommy is grilling sure does smell good. She made some spare ribs for Memorial Day and tortured us with the good smells and do you know the 2 legged things ate every bit of them and didn't even leave us a scrap. That was very very rude.

 Mr Who and Chloe came to play with us while the 2 legged things ate. They wore us out.

 This is a solar lantern, during the day it collects sun light and it comes on at night.

Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

Mancat Monday with Yang

OK, OK, I will not escape today.

Mommy feeds us in the laundry room. It takes 4 bowls to feed the 3 of us. We plays musical bowls cause Chimera is convinced that better foods is in someone else's bowl and she is always taking our foods away from us.

I loves to cuddle with my sisters.

I likes to help Mommy in the garden, Yin came to help us.

Grandpa gave Mommy a plant, it is suppose to have pink flowers. The box it came in smells like Lady O and some strange cats.

This is out Butterfly Plant.

You has to be careful when you get close to the Skyflower.

Water shoots out of the ground at odd times and tries to get you wet.

It is time for our nap now, we are worn out from working in the yard. ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD