Sleepy Scylla Sunday with Siblings

Yang joined me for a snooze on the bed.

Of course things didn't stay peaceful for long............................

First Chimera got up on the bed with us and viciously attacked Yang.

That little calico is one tough cookie.

I think she takes after ME.

Then Mommy came folded laundry. Yang laid on the towels.

I really don't see what the problem was, he looked pretty handsome to me lolling on the laundry.
He even snapped a few selfies.

Then Yin got on the bed and he used her for a pillow.

Until Chimera joined them and started playing.

Eventually she decided to rest for a moment.

I sure hope Yin and Yang enjoyed their brief rest. Chimera doesn't snooze for long. Thankfully she likes grooming almost as much as playing.

Yin got a nice bath, even if she didn't want one.

Yang slept through the entire thing. I highly recommend getting more than ONE kitten.

That way you can enjoy them in small doses and they can wear each other out.

Chimera wanted to pose with Yang for a few selfies.

They look cute together.

Mom started folding more laundry, for some reason Yang loves the socks.

I thinks this is a really good selfie of Yang and Chimera. Aren't they cute together?

Yang sleeps in some of the weirdest positions. Make a note of the tail.

Sometimes his tail has a mind of it's own.

Chimera isn't the only one that pesters slumbering siblings. Yang decided he wanted to play and Yin was the closest.

Like I said you need more that ONE kitten so you aren't the one being pounced on.

Well I thinks I have had enough kittens for one day, I am going to find a PEACEFUL place to slumber. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art ~Fenris

I let Yin do Fenris Friday, so they had me model for Caturday Art. First we have the pencil sketch.

Then Mommy sent me off to the alternate universe. Really GREEN fur? I wanna come home to this universe where the grass is green not my furs. ~Fenris, modeling for ATCAD

Yin Battles the Shadow

As some of you know a fierce shadow invaded our yard.

It captured Fenris and held him for ransom.

Being the clever kitty I am I devised a way to sneak up on it.

It's tentacles were everywhere.

I had to find the main part of the body.

It seemed to be hiding somewhere in the tree.

Luckily I move like a shadow myself, so it didn't spot me.

I crept closer and closer to the tree.

I contemplated breaking off it's tentacles one by one.

That looked too time consuming.

So I climbed right up the tree and searched out it's main body. Hmmmmmm do you thinks I am standing one one of the tentacles?

It seems the tree itself is the source of the shadow, oh my it may be impossible to defeat The Shadow. ~Yin, telling stories for ATCAD

Thursday in the Garden

Isn't this flower purrty, it is a type of grass that grows wild in our yard.

The succulents, and Mommy moved the birdbath to the backyard from the Hummingbird Cottage.
When Mommy went to visit Grandpa she took some pictures, this is the Goldflame Honeysuckle she gave him.

He has it growing on his fence.

This is another honeysuckle they have, we forgot what it's called though.

Mommy took a picture of their Sweet Shrub, they gave us one but it hasn't bloomed.

The blooms smell good in addition to looking pretty.

Grandpa trained some of his azaleas to look like trees.

OK, we are back at our house now....................

Our Coleus wasn't doing good in this pot so Mommy got a new one.

This one is called Alabama Sunset. we will probably redo the pot next year.

The Porterweed is doing good, the Persian Shield isn't doing as well.

Coral Bells (Heuchera), thanks to Walter and Millie at Bird Brains and Dog Tales we now know the name of it.

We love it's delicate blooms.

Our lavender is blooming.

Mommy planted more Mexican Tarragon.

Borage, we hope it reseeds itself.

Another picture of the grass.

The Superbells, Angelonia and Lantana.


Lantana and Purple Heart.

And another one of our succulents. ~ATCAD