Saturday Artwork

We played around with one of my pictures, and got several interesting looks.

The black and white is interesting and now I can be in Black & White Sunday.

But this is my favorite comic book kitty, able to lift large rocks and survive explosions.

~Scylla, being silly for ATCAD

RIP Sparkle

Sparkle the Designer Cat has left the world darker for her passing. She was a bright light in the cat blogosphere and her star will always sparkle in our hearts.

We don't know if the Rainbow Bridge really exist, we like to think it does. But we do know that the goodness and brightness you bring to the world lives on in the hearts of others long after you are gone. Sparkle you will be missed, but you also will live on in our hearts and memories.  ~ATCAD

Bloggers around the world are sharing their own tributes and memories. Glogirly created a link-up for fellow bloggers, please see her post to get the code for your blog.

Thursday in the Garden

Our yellow bells, they are growing nicely and blooming up a storm. They even have seed pods.

Whatever this is it is looking nice? A friend told us is was a Rattle Bush or a Sickle Pod but the leaves do not look right to us. This plant has more fern like leaves and is over 5 feet tall.

So we moseyed over to Dave's Garden and asked the nice people in the forums and they came up with ................ Danglepod, Hemp Sesbania (Sesbania herbaceae).

We tried to get a close up so you could see the interesting red and yellow combination.

The Cape Honeysuckle, the Hummingbirds just love it. It rooted itself in the floor of the Hummingbird Cottage so Mommy dug it up and put it in a pot. Maybe next year we will have TWO.

Scylla, leaping into action for ATCAD

Wet Wednesday

This is the new Water Cooler. Gourmet Elite  Pet Refilling Water Dish by Bergan. On the advice of our friends we had hoped to get something with a stainless steel dish,  but we couldn't find anything suitable. The one Stainless Steel Refilling Water Dish we found had bad reviews so we decided not to try it.  Especially as the design was very similar to our old water dish which we didn't like at all.

Overall we like our new Water Dish. It holds 3 gallons of water, and the water seems to stay much cleaner then our old dish. Mommy has noticed we are drinking out of this refilling water dish way more then we did our old one. We also likes the blue color of the dish. And it was very reasonably priced. We also liked it was made in the USA, and is  BPA-free.

Our one complaint is that 3 gallons of water is very heavy. Mommy has trouble lifting it to put it on the dish, thus the water spilled on the floor. It would be nice if it had an opening on the top for refilling. Mommy so wishes she had thought of that before buying this. 
It also makes a bit of noise when you drinks all the water and it refills, it doesn't bother me but it startled Tuiren at first. She got used to it though and drinks out of the dish just fine now.

So mostly we are happy we gives it 3 paws, the only complaint being how heavy it is for your person to lift to put in place.  ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

Happy Birthday Socks #14

Please help yourself to a slice of birthday cake. Thanks you so much for stopping by to help me celebrate my birthday. ~Socks senior feline at ATCAD

Mommy insisted on sharing my baby pictures.

And her favorite pictures of me for 2014

Mancat Monday

I heard a  certain orange boy cat was crowing about what a long tail he has. I bet mine is longer.

I am checking on all the plants at the Hummingbird Cottage, I wants to make sure everything is in tip top shape for tomorrow.

What's tomorrow????? My birthday, I will be 14 years old. I am just having a quiet day relaxing with the family as last year when Mommy threw me a 13 Birthday Party I wound up at Medvet. But I made Mommy's dream come true and to the surprise of the specialist stuck around for another year. For the most part I am healthy. I have a small boo boo on my chin, if it hasn't cleared up by Wednesday I will have to go back to the vet for a biopsy. Last Wednesday they gave me a shot of antibiotics and some wipes for Mommy to use on my chin so purr it is all gone so I don't have to have a biopsy. It appears to be getting better to us, but I sure don't want to go back to the vet. I am using the Y/D food to control the hyperthyroidism and so far it is working well and I have adjusted to not being able to eat anything else. I even eat the Y/D dry now so I have my choice between Y/D wet and Y/D dry. At the moment I prefer the dry and will not touch the canned. ~Socks reporting for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday

Mommy got me this wonderful toy. It came in this huge box with some junk stuck in it. I guess to hold my lovely present down.

What's that Mommy the junk was Fenris & Tuiren's water bowl, filters for our cat Drinkwell 360 and weights for your tablecloth. Really!!!! well I guess we all got something in the box.

Thank you for this nice present.

I just wish I had another cat to play with.

This would make a great pounce game. ~Scylla reporting for ATCAD

Saturday Artwork and Scylla's Weight Loss Update #HillsScienceDiet #HealthyPet #Scylla #WeightLoss

One of the Zinnias turned into a Kaleidoscope. ~ATCAD

Scylla: I have finished my first bag of Hill's Prescription Diet  Feline Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution I have been eating it for a month. I have lost 2 oz. I am trying not to get discouraged. Mommy says I am looking healthier and that I am a lot more active. I LOVE my puzzle feeder. But I do wish it was easier to reach my ideal weight. When I was weighed way back on May 7th I weighed 16.2 lbs, when I was weighed August 13th I weighed 16# even. ~Scylla reporting for ATCAD