Fenris Friday

Hi Mom, Do you wanna play with me?

We can play chase, and fetch and tug of war, oh I should ask my friends if they want to play OK.

What would you like to play? Before we get started Mommy made these scrapbook pages for Angel Derby and Tock Tober. Bye I am going to play now. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

 A very rare sighting of Fenris' Tocks. Usually he is coming to Mommy so she doesn't usually have Tock picturs of Fenris, but he went to say Hi to the squirrel and the clever Mom snapped a picture.

And we showed you this picture Yin helped Tuiren model for, here it is scrapped by the Mom. ~ATCAD

Thursday in the Garden

A pencil sketch of the sky flower.

And now the photograph of the sky flower. It is a pretty delicate plant.

Bug alert, Bug alert, does anyone know what it is.

The Tickseed blooms in the spring.

The Cape Honeysuckle on the other hand blooms all year, so do the roses.

They smell good too.

Whirling Butterflies.


And last but not least Purple Queen. ~ATCAD


 The man in brown shorts brought us a box, we were sure it had something wonderful inside the Mom was so happy to get it.

 It looked innocent enough...

 But then this MONSTER came out of it. It followed us around.

 It was not intimidated by us, it just kept going back and forth, back and forth...

 It nearly ran over me!!!!!!

 And we think the Mom likes it BETTER THAN US.

Mommy reviewed it here for those interested. Seven months later and she is still happy with it. Yang and I have gotten used to it although we all enjoy watching it, it's sort of entertaining. We like it much better than that tall monster Mommy had to push around and thanks to this little guy Mommy has more time to spend with us. ~Yin and Yang reporting for ATCAD

Tuiren Tuesday

Hello, I can't believe it is already Tui Day. We have been enjoying the weather. Scylla has even gotten brave and came in the backyard on her own. Usually Mommy has to put her out here, but she walked out the door and right past Fenris all by herself. Maybe she will start coming out here more, she really likes sitting in the Jungle Gym and I was polite when she jumped up here even though I was eating. She had the good manners not to come near my bowl.

Yang loves to be on top of the Jungle Gym. He seems to think he is in charge.

We have news for him, he may be a MANCAT, but he is also a doofus. Nobody is listening to him.

One of my very favorite things in the entire world is to eat ice. Everybody else thinks I am weird, except Mommy she likes to eat ice too.

Well I know all the girlcats that aren't related to him think Yang is handsome and can't get enough of him so here is one more picture of him before we have to go.
~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

#FeralCatDay #GlobalCatDay

Our friend Mrs Tammy cares for a semi-feral cat colony that lives where she works. As funds become available she tries to get the cats spayed and neutered. We are using the term semi-feral because while these cats do not have homes some of them are friendly and can be petted. Many of them were probably once someones pets but were abandoned at some point.

Yin and Yang 4 weeks old
Me (Yang) and Yin came from that cat colony so as you can imagine National Feral Cat Day is a cause very close to our hearts. You can read how we came to live with Mommy  at Yin & Yang (National Feral Cat Day)

The best and most humane way to help a feral cat is through a program called Trap-Neuter-Return, which ends the breeding cycle and helps cats and people coexist peacefully. Alley Cat Allies’ website (www.alleycat.org) is a great source of information on Trap-Neuter-Return and the importance of spay and neuter for all cats.

For those who object to TNR in the mistaken belief that feral cats harm wildlife. Numerous studies have repeatedly found that the primary cause of bird population decline is rampant development and related pollution, which destroy bird habitats and sources of food. An Ohio State University study released in 2016 concluded that urbanization is the chief cause of declining populations of migratory birds. A 2005 study by the U.S. Forest Service estimates that six times more birds are killed annually by flying into buildings and power lines than by cats.

It is indisputable that being killed in a shelter is the number one documented cause of death for cats in the United States, due to failing and inhumane animal control policies that rely on catch and kill. It’s bad public policy based on bad science. Trap-Neuter-Return for outdoor cats is a humane method of care and a responsible program. I urge readers to visit www.alleycat.org for more information.

Scylla and Charybdis 4 weeks old
Scylla was also was born into a feral cat colony and was rescued as a wee kitten. You can read her story Scylla Sunday Meowing About National Feral Cat Day here.

~Yang, reporting for ATCAD

Sunday Selfies with Mancat Yang

 What you want me to do the selfie today, but it's Scylla Sunday?

 Well OK, here goes one selfie coming up. Don't you just LOVE the intent stare into the camera?

 Now can I go back to playing?

 I have lizards to catch.

 Books to read. This isn't a good book we give it a paws down it didn't have a single solitary cat or dog in it. Mommy didn't even like the book the stupid author killed off her favorite character.

 Siblings to chase and ...

 trees to climb.

As you can see I am a very busy Mancat. ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art

Today we are featuring our doggies the lovely Tuiren and the handsome Fenris.

 Mommy made these scrapbook pages for a Day of the Dead Challenge, she couldn't decide which she liked best, in the end she decided to go with this one for the Challenge. Which one do you like best?

and since yesterday was Friday the 13th