Caturday Art Birthdays

Socks (2000) and Yin &Yang (2015) were all born in August, we don't know the exact date for Yin & Yang so we are wishing all three a very magical birthday today. September 5th is Yin and Yang's gotcha day, so we will have a party for the 3 magic cats then. ~ATCAD

Flowers on Friday with Butterflies

Mommy thinks this is the purple basil but she isn't sure.

The Coral Beans, we wanted you to see how the bush got it's name. They look just like beans you eat.

Shasta Daisy

The Butterfly was visiting the Popcorn Tree.

Desert Rose

More Succulents.

Queen of the Nile, it's real name is Agapanthus, but that is a mouthful.

The Gardenia at Grandma's house.

The Pomegranate at our house again.

Sky Flower


Thursday in the Garden with Chimera

These are the Asters if you dead head them in the Spring they will bloom again in the Fall.

Tick Seed

The Bottle Bush

Vinca, it's about the only thing looking good in this hot weather.

Pomegranate, it actually has fruit on it this year.


I am helping Mommy weed.

I look adorable so she takes plenty of breaks to play with me and doesn't get too hot.

A close up of the Pomegranate, Mommy wanted to show us where the Fruit will be.

~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Remodeling Update by Chimera

 I likes the bathtub. I can walk all around it when Mommy is in the bath and annoy her.

 I am not sure why the people don't use their tongues to bath, it seems very inefficient to use water for baths. I do try to keep them clean, but they don't seem to appreciate my efforts.

 During the remodeling Mommy had to use the chair to keep the towels as the vanity hadn't arrived yet.

 She was just happy to have a tub in the bathroom again.

 The vanity is very nice. It came in two sections, and was custom made. Mommy had one part set back to allow her to open the draws all the way without running into the commode, once it is put back.  She got a stylish toilet paper holder to go in here. I think it will make a pawesome toy, once Mommy puts the rolls of paper on it.

She also loves the drawer on the bottom of the section where the sink goes, she said it was very clever to put the drawer under the cabinet so you could actually use it. Most old style vanities have a fake drawer on the top according to her.  And I has to stay I like the tile, it is very comfy to my paws. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

PeeS: Mommy said to tell you they are actually further along then these pictures show. The only thing they need now is a bathroom mirror.

Tomcat Tuesday with Yang and Socks

MOL, I got Chimera's favorite spot in the garage.

I am on the table where I am NOT suppose to be.

Mommy said I could stay in the chair.

Now I am enjoying some guy time with Socks on the bed. Scylla came to spy on us though.

I went to play Halo with Daddy, but he was too busy.

So I went got back in bed with Socks.

Mommy made me get up so she could make the bed.

After she got it made up me and Yin helped her fold clothes.

But the very best part of my day was the guy time with Socks. ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD

Mancats Monday with Socks & Yang

Socks and I enjoy looking out the door.

You can see squirrels and birds playing in the front yard. ~Yang & Socks reporting for ATCAD

Breaking News: We had a simply marvelous time at the Pawlympic Wrap Up Party hosted @ Dory's Backyard yesterday. If you didn't make it to the party you should go by and check out all the great pictures of us kicking back and relaxing. 

Selfie Sunday with Yang

I asked if I could do the selfie today. After all I thinks the ladycats enjoy looking at ME.

Sorry I got distracted by a lizard.

I am trying to figure out how to climb up after him.

I likes to hide in the tall grass.

Mommy says we has to come in so Daddy can cut it.

I don't want him to cut my hiding spot.

The people don't seem to care what I want.

I am not coming, you can't make me...........................Yikes the lawn mower is after me.

Just look he cut all my grass.

Oh well I still have the Jungle Gym to play on. I think this will make a nice selfie.

Except Chimera tried to photo bomb me. ~Yang, modeling for ATCAD