Thursday in the Garden

The Pomegranate produced fruit this year.

Our Butterfly Plant.

A lovely Zinnia that reseeded itself from last year.

Our Pineapple is producing a Pineapple.

The Candlebush is blooming.

Another picture of the Pomegranate. Mommy was very excited it bloomed.

Rosemary blooming.


Everything has been getting too much water, and Mommy hasn't been able to do any weeding.

We thought we would show you why the Coral Bean is called a Coral Bean. We showed you the pretty blooms in the Spring, it is one of the first plants that bloom.

Our Red Cestrum

The Firespike is getting reading to bloom.

We hope you enjoyed our flowers. ~ATCAD

Winsome Wednesday

I love climbing my Sycamore tree. Hard to believe it is time to get the Greenhouse ready for winter.

Daddy has to put new siding up as the wind tore the old stuff down. We are hoping he will have the money for the Polycarbonate Panels this year. The plastic sheets have to be replaced every year, which is very annoying. Often Daddy doesn't get the Greenhouse finished in time and the plants have to live on the front porch on in the Garage until he can finish it.

I just love playing in the Jungle Gym.

Mom, Yang went over the fence again.

Sometimes my brother is so BAD!!!!! I am never bad. (MOL)

I like to hide under the Confederate Rose, it is going to bloom soon.

Sometimes I am really good and model for Mommy. Here I am modeling in my tree. Even though I was standing still for her, Mommy still cut my front paws off.

The grill is a good place to perch. Mommy says I really stand out against the color with my white fur.

OK, some of my furs are out of place so I need a break.

Now I am going to play hide-n-seek with Mommy and Yin.

Yin is very good at hiding. Sometimes I have a really hard time finding her.

Now I will do some more modeling.

Mommy finally got a good picture. Way to go Mom you managed to get my entire body in the picture. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Tuiren Tuesday

Hi everyone, Mommy says I have a pretty smile in this picture.

We are enjoying the nice Fall weather. It is very pleasant on the porch.

Mommy often comes out here with the kittens.

Walter, I hope you are enjoying these pictures of me. I know you would like me to blog more, so I am trying to cooperate better when Mommy takes pictures. I actually sat still and let her get this close up of me.

Usually I run off when she gets the camera out. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

Mancat Monday

Really don't know why Mommy put this on me. I am in the house, it certainly isn't raining in here.

Chimera, made fun of me.

That is OK, cause Mommy put it on her next and I got to make fun of her.

She didn't know what to think of ME wearing clothes.

Mommy said that I wore it better, but that it FIT Chimera better.

It belonged to Mister Who when he was a puppy. He is a very small dog.

Mister Who lives with Eldest Boy, but he comes to visit us sometimes. ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday

Mommy threw me in the backyard, so I am making the best of it and hanging out in the Jungle Gym with my siblings.

Chimera is very entertaining.

She is so energetic.

I decided to take a selfie up here. I hope you like it. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art ~Chimera in the Doghouse

I decided to explore Tuiren's dog house. It is very comfy with a nice pillow bed in there. Unfortunately it is also very dark. In order to see me Mommy had to play with the light settings and the result is these arty looking photographs.

Tuiren is a BEAGLE so the doghouse SMELLS very DOGGIE.

Mommy added a magnifying glass to this photograph and turned it black and white.

And she felt compelled to write on this one and add a sticker. She thought she was being funny. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Fenris Friday

Chimera is pretending to be a lion tamer.

I am suppose to be the LION.

I do not like this circus act at all.

Luckily she got tired and decided we could just be two buddies exchanging stories.

But then she insisted I had to tell the first story, I had to put my thinking cap on to come up with a good one.

Now she has decided to imitate me.

I have to say for a little thing she makes a pretty good Fenris.

She has the lounging part down pat.

Yang decided to join us.

Neither one of them have mastered my soulful look though.

Fenris, training cats for ATCAD (it's very hard work)