Slumbering Scylla

Mommy will never find me here.

I can dream the day away to my hearts content.

Scylla, sleeping for ATCAD

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween 
~ Tuiren, Fenris Socks & Scylla

Thursday in the Bed with Scylla

I decided to spend the day with Tallulah Skye. For those of you who don't remember her she did a post here.

Sometimes it is nice to be lazy and spend the day in bed. Me and Skye have lots to gossip about. She has been with Mommy like forever. And today is a very special day, it is my Daddy's Birthday. He is half a century old. I thinks that means he is older then dirt, but I loves him anyway.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!

Love, Alasandra, Scylla, Socks, Fenris & Tuiren

Working Wednesday

The room was a nice pale blue and then Mommy did this to it.

Really Mom????? What were you thinking?????

Whew, that looks better.

Daddy took the tape (to keep Mommy from making a mess) off and hung the shelves back up.

But still no floor, Mommy says we has to wait for it to come in. ~ATCAD

Tabby Tuesday

Mancat Monday got co-opted by the Highland Games so Tuiren said I could post today.

I am just taking things easy and waiting for it to warm up outside. I don't like the cold weather. ~Socks, reporting for ATCAD

Highland Games

We are taking the day off to join the Highland Games in Celebration of Kyla's life. She was recently diagnosed with cancer and we don't know how much longer she will be with us but we all want her to know how much she is LOVED by all of blogville.

Scylla & Tuiren danced up a storm. Doesn't Scylla look great in green to match her eyes. And Tuiren is purrty in purple.

I took part in the manly hammer throw of course, now you needs to put on your tartan and come join the fun. But before you go we has a little something for you. is a nationwide network of dog lovers that connects pet parents with loving, local dog sitters. Thanks to our friends at PicMonkey we has a coupon code (ATCAD20) to share with our devoted readers (that's you).  Here is the code ATCAD20

~Fenris, for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday

I am going on an adventure with Mommy.

There were lots of things to sniff.

Lots of nice rustling noises too.

I tooks a detour from our regularly scheduled walking path.

And went exploring.

The Mom refused to come so I was on my own.

There used to be a poisonous snake here, but it is deaded now.

Guess I better go see what the Mom has gotten up to.

I wouldn't want her to get lost.

Blast it where did she get too.

There she is I am coming ..................................................

I'll relax here in my Butterfly Chair while you weed.

I am very sure I do not wish to help.

In fact I thinks I'll take a nap. ~Scylla reporting for ATCAD