Fenris Friday

I love my new toy but he seems a bit fashion challenged. Apparently he couldn't find matching legs and arms.

That's OK, I love him anyway.

And I can always remove the offending limbs. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

We wants to wish our eldest boy a very Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Thankdful Thursday in the Garden

Our Red Hibiscus is happily blooming in the greenhouse.

the Mother of Millions also has a million blooms.

The Desert Rose.

This arrangement is doing just dandy in the greenhouse.

The Angel Trumpet out did itself.

Here is a better picture of the Mother of Millions blooming.

The Lemon Balm is doing well.

And the Red Cestrum is very pretty.

We are thankful we have a Greenhouse to protect our flowers from frost. We are thankful our Daddy puts it together for us every year.

At 16 we are thankful Socks is still with us. Some of you may remember that we almost lost him in August of 2013. We got a miracle then and he enjoyed more time with us. It looks as if our miracle may be running out.  He needs some power of the paw, healing purrs and Reiki our veterinarian suspects he has Oral Neoplasia, in the right mandible. We are so thankful that we have friends who will support us as we care for Socks. So far he is still eating good and enjoying cuddles.   ~ATCAD

Wayback Wednesday

Wayback when our tree was up Socks liked to sleep under it. Mommy only put a few decorations on it.

She said sometimes less is more, we just think she was lazy. One of the things she put on it was the egg Daddy got her in San Diego, we think it is beautiful.

We got these neat kaleidoscopes in an auction to help a Blogville pal, his name was Blueberry.

Some of you asked if we were naughty with the tree. We were actually very good about leaving it alone.

We just slept under it and we didn't bother anything.

Socks and Yang were the two cats who spent the most time under it.

Mommy only put a few things on the balustrade though. We like to use it as a "door" when the gate is up.

Frankie has his Snow Freaks we have odd old men with beards that take over the house.

We wish Snowy could have stayed up all year.

Yang and Socks looked very handsome under his branches.

Well Yang heard me in here talking to y'all and now he wants to play.

We are going outside so Socks can slumber in peace.

 ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Tuiren Tuesday

Hi, I thought I would show you the greenhouse. Usually I can't come in here because the gate is closed to keep me and Fenris out, but when Mom is in here she leaves it open as she can supervise us.

You have to watch out though cause she will get you wet if she is watering the plants. I prefer to come in when she isn't watering things. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

Mancat Monday

 I am sharing a window with Chimera, we are watching Bird TV.

 I like to lounge on the scratching post.

 I think Mommy may be in the kitchen. The book case makes a great route to the kitchen counters.

 Unfortunately Mommy has a squirt bottle and will viciously squirt you if you get on the kitchen counters.

I do not feel like getting wet right now. ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday Sturgeon & Welcome Teddy

We wanted to take part in the Blogville Endangered Species Challenge which  is sponsored by the Blogville Department of Arts and Entertainment. The purpose is to draw attention to the plight of endangered species.We choose the Gulf Sturgeon because it lives close to us. 

The Gulf sturgeon is a federally-listed threatened species (Federal Register 1991) and much of the river, bay and nearshore areas throughout its range are considered critical habitat in support of spawning,in-river holding, or feeding activities. (Critical habitat is a term used in the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to refer to specific geographic areas that are essential for the conservation of a threatened or endangered species and that may require special management and protection.) Catching, harming, or disturbing Gulf sturgeon is prohibited by federal and Mississippi regulations.

Recently we have become aware of a business that is damaging the habitat the Gulf sturgeon needs to survive. Red Creek Off Road is making Red and Black creeks muddy and silty and filling both creeks in, this threatens Gulf of Mexico Sturgeon since their best-known resting and congregating area in the Pascagoula around mid-summer is the natural "lake" at the mouth of Black Creek.

We learned about the Gulf Sturgeon from the University of South Mississippi's Gulf Coast Research Laboratory. They are very interesting fish. Sturgeons are an ancient group of fish dating back about 200 million years to the age of dinosaurs. Gulf sturgeon are a subspecies of Atlantic sturgeon, Acipenser oxyrinchus. It is very difficult to visually distinguish between the two. Worldwide there are 27 sturgeon species and two closely related species of paddlefish.
  • Scientific Name: Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi
  • Common name: Gulf Sturgeon, Gulf of Mexico Sturgeon
  • Order: Acipenseriformes
  • Family: Acipenseridae
  • Management Category: Threatened
The Gulf sturgeon, Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi, is a large, primitive fish that has bony plates, or "scutes," rather than scales and a hard, extended snout.  Adult Gulf sturgeon range from 4 feet (1-2.5 m) in length and weight up to 200 pounds. Females attain larger sizes than males. Gulf sturgeon can live for as long as 60 years, but their average lifespan is about 20-25 years.

Gulf sturgeon are anadromous as adults, meaning that they spend time in both saltwater and freshwater, like salmon. Adults migrate upriver from the Gulf of Mexico in the springtime to spawn, returning to their natal streams to spawn, again similar to salmon. That is why the Black Creek habitat is so vital to them (Black Creek feeds into the Pascagoula River). The total number of adult Gulf sturgeon is unknown. However, the population in the seven coastal rivers of the Gulf of Mexico inhabited by Gulf sturgeon is estimated at more than 15,000 adults. Of those rivers, the Suwannee River in Georgia and Florida supports the most viable subpopulation, estimated at more than 9,000 adults in the mid-2000s. The subpopulation estimate for mature Gulf sturgeon in the Choctawhatchee River in Alabama and Florida is about 3,000 fish. However, estimates for other rivers (Pearl, Pascagoula, Escambia, Yellow, and Apalachicola) average around 400.

Current threats include the following.
  • construction of water control structures, such as dams and sills, mostly after 1950, exacerbated habitat loss
  • dredging
  • groundwater extraction
  • irrigation and runoff
  • flow alterations
  • poor water quality
  • contaminants, primarily from industrial sources
Current Research
Since 2007, faculty and staff of GCRL's Fisheries Ecology Lab have worked closely with colleagues at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center (USACE-ERDC) in Vicksburg to study Gulf Sturgeon ecology and movements.  Currently, there are three joint projects: the Pascagoula River, the Gulfport Harbor Expansion Project, and Ship Island Restoration. Dr. Mark Peterson is principal investigator for all three projects. Todd Slack, from the USACE-ERDC, is co-PI on the Gulfport Harbor and Ship Island projects.

Pascagoula River Project
The Pascagoula River is the only large river in the lower 48 States that is not dammed or has sills on the main stream. GCRL's longest running project is conducted on this beautiful and wild river. Their research has provided considerable data on Gulf Sturgeon movements and ecology.  They tag Gulf Sturgeon in the Pascagoula River as well as in the Pearl River system.

What you can do to help the Gulf sturgeon
Help protect their habitat. The Pascagoula River is being threatened with a dam by George County because they want to create two fake lakes for recreation.  You can read more about it at American Rivers, We Shouldn’t Mess with the Pascagoula, as well as finding out how to help prevent it.

We also need to get media attention to the damage Red Creek Off Road is doing to their habitat. If you can do a Facebook Post, Tweet, or Blog about it that would be great. #Mississippi #PascagoulaRiver

Now I was a bit puzzled about how I could take a picture with a sturgeon since they live in water and I don't really care for getting wet but I found a solution.

Socks and I helped capture, tag, and release a Sturgeon on the Pascagoula River, and I snapped a selfie with it.

Before we go we want to welcome Teddy from Two Spoiled Cats to blogville. Socks and I advise Teddy to enjoy being a kitten and not to be in a hurry to grow up. Fenris and Tuiren want him to know not to be afraid of dogs and Yin, Yang and Chimera just want to know if he will come over and PLAY.  ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art

Chimera is the subject of this weeks art. We didn't really do anything to this picture. Mommy just took it when she was on the porch and Chimera was in the bedroom. We thought it was interesting how the reflection of outside imposed itself on Chimera, and the window screen adds an interesting grid pattern.

We used paint brush here, we like the feathering.

And here is a pencil sketch of the kittens.

This is a pencil sketch of our beauty.

Chimera is pretty in purple.

Infared of the creek at Grandma & Grandpa's house.

Not sure what we did here.

Another pencil sketch.

And a coloring page. We color the free ones and we are not sure why Recolor decided to give us this to color in February. But it did and we did and we thought it turned out kinda nice, so we are going to go ahead and share it with you although it will be a long time until the next Christmas. Recolor is a free app in the Google Play Store. There are free things you can do and some advance stuff you can pay for. We just do the free stuff as this is just something we do for fun on Mommy's phablet.  ~ATAD