Cinco De Mayo

Photo by Karl
We are ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style, thanks to our good friend Karl from the Cat Realm

We has lots of yummy food to share with you.

Lots of cool refreshing fruit drinks for you to imbibe. We has virgin drinks for the kittens.

Plenty of sombreros for you to wear. So come dance the day away with us. ~ATCAD

Winsome Wednesday

It's no fun being spayed and having your hernia repaired. They stick you in socks and when you wiggle out put a cone on your head.

Then when some of your stitches come out, they takes you back to the vet and you get more stitches, some antibiotics and told you has to wear the cone longer, NO Fair.
Glad that is all behind me now, although you will be seeing pictures of me as a cone head (Mommy is behind on posting our pictures) in the future. I am all well now. I got my stitches out yesterday and I am ready to climb some trees. I never meet a tree I didn't want to climb. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Tuiren Tuesday

Hello everyone, I don't believe it but I am finally getting to do a post. Daddy has been making raised beds for our strawberries out of cement blocks. I don't think he will ever finish between the rain and the unexpected bathroom remodel.

I have enjoyed the warmer temps and the sunshine.

And all the pretty spring flowers that grow in the backyard.

Mommy has been spending time outside with us.

And the kittens often come outside to play with us.

Me and Fenris have tons to do. We have gone walking on the beach a few times. Our last walk got rained out. We were very bummed as the weather was awful and we had to stay inside most of the day.

Our biggest task lately has been catching all the crawdads that have invaded our yard and eating them. The kittens are a BIG help with this job.

~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

Mancat Monday

Shh................I have found the purrfect spot to view the kittens playing, without becoming part of the action.

Don't get me wrong I play with them from time to time, but us old guys need our rest. ~Socks, reporting for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday

 I has a Mini Me. We often share the bed.

Although she is a busy body. Constantly getting up and down, and turning herself around.  It's exhausting just watching her.

 Although I has to say she always puts her best paw forward when she snaps a selfie of us. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Zany #AtoZChallenge Caturday Art

Zany means amusingly unconventional and idiosyncratic, we are not sure who is zanier Yin or Chimera. They both amuse us a great deal and they both have their quirks.

And if those two aren't silly enough, Mommy did silly things to their picture the top picture she used a filter.

And in this picture she treated us to colored pencil.

We hope you enjoyed us saying our ABCs, we will attempt to get back to our regular schedule for posting in May. ~ATCAD

Yin & Yang, the Yoga Kittens #AtoZChallenge

Yin (the female black Yoga Kitten) has been very nurturing to Chimera.

You often see Yin and Chimera together.

Yin has taught Chimera some great ninja moves so she can hold her own with Yang.

Yang (the mostly white male Yoga Kitten) is very gentle with his little sister.

At first he thought she was just a new toy for him to bat around.

But once he caught on to the fact she was a kitten he became a very protective big brother.

Yin often gets where she doesn't belong. Here she is with a twofer. She is on the table where she doesn't belong and on Daddy's jeans.

She wants everyone to know he has a black cat.

Yang is being a good boy and sitting in the chair.

When Baby Olivia and Katie come to visit he likes to check them out.

Yin and Chimera prefer to hide out in the garage.

Yin loves to hunt crawdads.

Yang tries to keep up with everybody.

He tried to play ball with Fenris but he was too slow. Fenris always got to the ball first.

Running in the leaves was a lot of fun, they make a rustling noise when you do, that he enjoyed.

But while he was busy playing in the leaves Yin beat him to the top of the tree.

And while Yin is well hidden under the Jungle Gym, Yang stands out like a sore thumb.

Once they went back inside Yang took a nap, while Yin resumed her Ninja lessons with Chimera.

~ATCAD reporting on Yin, Yang and Chimera