Fenris Friday

Mommy says I have good posture when I am squirrel watching.

I know that squirrel is going to come out of the tree sooner or later.

When he does I'll be ready.

To go running...

For some reason Mommy thinks it is hilarious to see me and Tuiren racing toward the squirrel.

Sometimes Yin and Yang join us, although that gives us an unfair advantage because Yin and Yang can climb the tree. Luckily the two of them weigh more that squirrels do because the squirrel can go higher up than they can and further out on branches.

Hmm, I think I may take a nap before doing any squirrel hunting today.  ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD (and no the object of the hunt isn't to catch the squirrel, it's to see if I can get to the tree before he does). 

Thankful Thursday (Hummingbird)

 We are thankful for Hummingbirds and today Mommy captured one for your viewing pleasure. Actually Hummer was very nice and posed for the pictures. Ignore the feeder Hummer is perching on the limb of the Angel Trumpet for the photo session.

 Hummer often chirps at Mommy when the feeder needs cleaning and filling.

 Hummers can be very territorial, Hummer has staked out the Hummingbird Cottage as it's home.

 We love all birds and are thankful that we have a beautiful garden to welcome them.

 Hummer got tired of posing for the camera after awhile.

And decided to go get a snack, Mommy tried to capture that too. ~ATCAD

Guest On Wednesday

We are finishing up our guest post with some pictures of Miss Priss. Isn't she a pretty calico (very diluted).

Lady O and ...

The ever popular Boer Goats. ~ATCAD

Lady O and the Goats (Tuesday)

Most of you have meet Lady O before. She is a very sweet collie.

She would like to play with the Goats but Grandpa doesn't let her.


Mancat Monday (Gandalf)

This is Gandalf he lives at our Grandparents house.

He is a very friendly boy and likes to be petted.

This is Miss Priss. She is very shy so Mommy had to take her picture from a distance.

She did eventually come to the bottom of the stairs to ask for food. ~ATCAD

Scylla Sunday (Selfies with Chimera)

After hearing how I HISS at Yang and growl at him and even dumped coffee in Mommy's lap just because HE was in the room, you probably think I DON'T LIKE HIM.

You would be WRONG. Sometimes we get along just fine. I actually love the doofus very much. Now while I am busy napping with my brother I will turn the blog over to Chimera for selfies, she is pretty good at the selfie thing. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Well it helps that the camera takes pictures when you meow at it. OK here is a nice one of me sitting on the hatboxes.

I even managed to not get the dreaded laser eyes.

For some reason these don't seem just right.

OK, I think I nailed it here.

And then this one is pretty awesome too. I love the way the light looks on my furs. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art

Chimera is representing the cats today. Foiled effect here.

And then two Pencil effects with different frames.
A scrapbook page Mom made for a challenge. She had to make all the embellishments and papers.

And now we colored some pages.