Mancat Monday

We had some really hot weather, why it felt like SUMMER, now it is back to normal temperatures for this time of year but having gotten use to the warm it sure is hard to go back to the cold.

The yard is looking nice the grass is turning green and growing like wildfire. Our flowers are doing great. Mom has lots of weeding, trimming, planting etc to do. Me, I am staying nice and cozy in Tuiren's bed. ~Socks, reporting for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday (Flashback) & What Mommy Got at the Herb & Garden Fest Saturday

I loves to sleep in Mommy's flowerbeds.

The flowerpots are pretty comfy too.

Except when Mommy waters them.

I am looking forward to the butterflies returning, they should be here soon. We have seen a few of the small yellow ones already.

I loves the Fall Flowers, the Ironweed is a special favorite of mine.

I loves the way they smells.

Mommy wants me to pose for her.

Mommy thinks I looks pretty with the flowers. She went to the Herb and Garden Festival in Ocean Springs yesterday. This is a list of the plants she got, she was very bad cause she said she wasn't going to buy anything.
  • Cranberry Lace Bee Balm - It blooms in the summer and fall so we will have to wait awhile to actually see it blooming in our garden. Mommy hasn't decided where to plant it yet.
  •  Trailing Tibouchina Centradina floribunda - Mommy got a hanging basket to put it in. One of it's names is Trailing Princess Flower and that is probably what we will call it.
  •  Red Cestrum Cestrum newellii - Mommy is going to put it in a pot as it is a tropical/tender perennial. 
  • This is our favorite of all the plants she saw and that she brought home. Butterfly Flower Clerodendrum ugandense , we bet you can't guess why it is our favorite? It will go in a pot too as it is a tropical/tender perennial. 
  • Chinese Bell Flower - Mommy should probably get a pot for it, she was going to plant it in a flower bed, but it's a tropical too. She had one a long time ago, before she had the green house but it died. She didn't recognize the name at the Herb and Garden Fest It is also known as a Varigated Abutilon
  • Red Firespike - It's going in a pot too. 
  • And the very last one Mexican Sage, Mommy is planting it down at the Hummingbird Cottage.
 ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD


Siblings are great, Siblings are fun, you always has someone to play with and when you gets into mischief you can blames your sibling. ~Fenris & Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

Fenris Friday with Mister Who (Flashback)

When Mr. Who was just a tiny puppy he and Eldest lived with us.

He eventually grew into his ears.

We had lots of fun playing together.

Although he was crazy..................

A regular jumping bean.

But we were best friends from the moment we meet.

Mommy got him a raincoat.

He still comes to visit sometimes. I will ask Mommy to take pictures next time he comes over.

Now I wants Mommy to take me for a walk. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

Memories of Fall (Flashback)

 The Confederate Roses had lots of buds and would have been really pretty but only a few of the buds managed to bloom before the frost came and killed them. Maybe they will have a chance to bloom this year.

 This rose blooms all year, it's really pretty and smells divine.

 We has a Zinnia blooming in the greenhouse right now.  The one in the greenhouse is pink, we really like this yellow one. Maybe it will come back.

 We put this in the greenhouse this year and it is doing wonderful, it is loaded down with blooms.

 Another Confederate Rose they start off white or very light pink and gradually get darker.

 We thinks this might be milkweed, but we are not sure. Anyway it is a wildflower with a butterfly visiting it.

 The Candy Corn Cuphea did really well this year. We has our paws crossed it comes back up.

 Mommy got another type of Cuphea to plant in the bed with it.

 And our Lion's Ear is happily blooming in the greenhouse. ~ATCAD

Weird Wordless Wednesday

Girlz Night Out

This is going to be so much fun. Be sure to check out all the participating blogs. Me and Tuiren are having so much fun.

 I don't hunt that much, but...................

 I do likes to fish in the pond.

 You has to be careful not to fall in though.

Dory's Backyard Teddy Bear Tea Party is our first stop.
Next we went to Madi's ME-ssage and Spa Day.
And then we went to Hailey's for some hunting, camping and fishing, and other outdoor funs.

~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD