Caturday Artwork ~ Floral

We choose to make the exotic Tiger Lily the subject of today's art.

We thinks the orange and black looks very dramatic.

We hope you enjoyed today's artwork.

 Happy 4th of July everyone, we hope you are having a wonderful day with friends and family wherever you might be. ~ATCAD

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Fenris Friday

Doggie Ice-cream is so good.

I thinks Mommy should make it every day.

Unlike Tuiren I eats really slow, I prefer to savor the flavors instead of gobbling my food up ninety miles an hour.

I licked this for hours and nibbled it very slowly to make it last longer.

I intend to use my library card to check out cookbooks.

If you want your own library card go see the head librarian Sally Ann and she will fix you up with one. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

Thursday in The Garden

Mommy had rooted a Cape Honeysuckle to give away, when our large one drowned Mommy planted it in place of the big one, we will try to root another one to give away later.  Mommy dumped large bags of moisture control potting soil in the hole first and she fixed it where the water kinda slopes away from the plant so Mommy thinks this one will be OK.

The Blue Daze.

The Lantana is doing well.

The Tiger Lilies are putting on a show now, they looks very exotic.

We hopes you enjoyed our garden tour. ~ATCAD

Womantic Wednesday

 To celebrate their 28th Anniversary Mom & Dad took a bike ride to Mobile Botanical Gardens, Mommy said she got a lot of good ideas for our yard and enjoyed looking at all the pretty flowers.

 This was a lovely area to relax and take a break.

 Mommy was very impressed with the Herb Garden.

 And she liked the seats they had built around it.

 Mommy thought the pomegranate looked pawesome, she wishes ours had bloomed. Maybe next year.

 The Koi Pond was really nice, we would like to do something similar down at our pond.

 They had lots of varieties of azaleas that bloom all through the year.

 Mommy thinks this would look awesome on the back porch as a dog bowl for Fenris and Tuiren.

 Gigantic Butterfly sculpture.

 Mommy liked the way this bench looked, it seemed to be growing there.

Mommy hopes to go back again, she really enjoyed her visit. ~ATCAD