So many people asked us what Crawdads were and if they were tasty we thoughts we would do a post about them. They has lots of different names, Crawfish, Crayfish, Mudbugs and Crawdads. Mommy generally calls them Mudbugs unless she is eating them, then she calls them Crawfish as she thinks that sounds more appetizing.

They build mounds like this in our yard. Mrs. Caren, you are right about them liking water, we has a high water table, you only has to dig a little bit before you hit water here. You generally see the mounds after we gets a lot of rain. Crayfish are small crustaceans that live in freshwater habitats, which do not freeze over in cold conditions, some people even keep them in aquariums.  We don't likes them cause they mess up our garden. The Walden Effect has a good post about Crayfish in the garden. 

They comes out at night or after a lot of rain to eat decaying organic matter and insects. 

People boils them and eats them, kinda like shrimp according to Mommy, cept you suck the head and pinch the tail (click here for more info). Daddy will not eat them like this, but Mommy does. So we guess it is a personal opinion about their being tasty. You can also put them in gumbos and other seafood dishes and Daddy will eat them then. 

We just eats them shells and all unlike the people. You has to be careful they don't pinch you though. This is one appetizer that will hurt if you don't watch out when eating them. 

We hopes you enjoyed learning about our Crawdads. ~Tuiren & Fenris

Wildlife Wednesday

 The Geese are back it looks like we have Mrs Goose and Mr Gander with the full grown Goslings from last year.
We counted 7 Geese down at the pond. ~ATCAD

Tuiren Tuesday

 I am looking for crawdads. They lives underground, and makes mounds in our yard. The mounds annoying Daddy.

Sometimes they comes up to look around and I eats them. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

Dr. S Day

Dr. S, that is me. 
I am cute, as cute can be.
If I see a monster I will not flee.
But if it's all the same, I would rather eat a pea.

Do you see
the kitties three
chasing a bee?

I just want to be free
to climb a tree.
I do not wish to ski,
or go on a shopping spree,
or swim in the sea.
That is not me,
I just want to be free
to climb a tree.

With great glee
I killed the flea
Now I will have a cup of tea

Bad poetry by Dr. Scylla

PS: We didn't have the heart to tell Scylla that it is Dr. Seuss Day not Dr. Scylla Day. ~ATCAD

Saturday Sharing

 Our greenhouse keeps the plants nice and warm and the plants reward up by blooming in the winter. The yellow petunias are so cheerful.

And the crossvine is simply stunning. ~ATCAD

Fenris Friday

 I sure did enjoy the FAKE SPRING we had. It was nice and warm.

 Tuiren rolled around in the grass and I followed Mommy around.

We loved it, than because some STUPID GROUNDHOG saw his shadow it turned cold again. Me and Socks are going groundhog hunting next year, before Groundhog Day,  if the groundhogs are smart they will stay underground and they won't see any shadows. If they come up, well me and Socks will make sure they don't see anything. We do not like COLD WEATHER. ~Fenris, griping for ATCAD

Thursday in the Garden

 We thoughts you would enjoy our pretty flowers. Mommy took these pictures February 14th, she spent Valentines outside working in the flowerbeds.

This is the Chinese Witch Hazel, we just love it's hot pink blooms.

And Mommy calls this her Irish Snowbell, we do not know it's real name. ~ATCAD