Meowy Monday with Scylla

We don't have Fall Foliage like our friends in the Northeast do but our Popcorn Tree is pretty colorful.
Besides having pretty flowers the Candy Corn Cuphea has interesting leaves, unfortunately we had a heavy frost that killed it all. It usually blooms until Christmas.

These Mums are really pretty, but the frost got them too.

Roses are always nice, and they survived the frost.

This is a really weird looking bug on the Goldenrod, and I am happy to say the Goldenrod survived the frost too.

Does anyone know what it is?

The Cape Honeysuckle was blooming really purrty, don't worry Mommy put it in the Garage until the Greenhouse is finished.

I got plumb tuckered out watching her carry all the plants to the Garage.

I tried to tell her some of them were too heavy to pick up but she didn't listen to me.

Then I had to listen to her bitch moan and groan about her backache.

Honestly do you ever hear cats complaining about backaches. Nope, cause we have the good sense to have our humans cart the heavy stuff around. Maybe I should get Mommy a human to cart stuff around for her, then she could just worry about carrying ME and my stuffs around.

And Mommy finished another book. I enjoys when she reads cause I can sit in her lap. Most of the time the books are totally uninteresting no cats or dogs in them and I don't meow about them, but the latest F-word (Mommy said I couldn't say the word on our bloggie) Flowers book Deadline, was about a dognapping ring, so I thought it was pretty interesting. The mutts were going to be sold to bunchers who would sell them to medical research labs (HISS), but luckily Virgil Flowers with some help rescued them all and wound up with a dog of his own. We has our paws crossed that from now on F-word Fido will ride along on Virgil's cases. After all he takes his boat to work with him, so why not his dog too.  You can read Mommy's review at her blog Alasandra's Place. ~Scylla, musing for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday

I am coming!!!!!! Mommy gives me my two measly treats down at the Hummingbird Cottage.

We have been having cooler than normal temperatures for November, it's getting down to 32 at night, but so far no frost so the plants are doing OK.

Me and Mommy not so much we are freezing.

Thank CAT for electric blankets.

Like everyone else I had a modeling session. We thinks I did a good job modeling.

And unlike the rest of the family I didn't complain about it.

Purple is my favorite color so I was happy the Ironweed got included in my portrait.

And me and Mommy thinks I have lost some more weight.

I'll have to go back to the vet soon and get weighed to find out for sure, but we thinks my face looks thinner.

~Scylla, happily modeling for ATCAD

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Turkeys have feather(s), but we also thinks the leaves have a feathery look about them. Hope you like our Mommy's attempt at making a scrapbook page.~ATCAD

Fenris Friday

Daddy is too busy to play ball with me. This makes me very sad.

When he went to put the sides back on the Greenhouse, he discovered a lot of the wood had rotted and had to be replaced. Including the roof.

So Daddy practically had to rebuild the Greenhouse. New wood is wood colored, the old wood is painted white. Daddy will not have time to paint this year.

And we are having colder than average temperatures for November. It got down to 28 degrees here Monday night. It is much to cold for this time of year. Mommy had to put the potted plants in the Garage as the Greenhouse is not put back together. Daddy didn't get through before he had to go back to work Monday. We has our paws crossed he is able to finish it this weekend. ~Fenris, barking for ATCAD

Thursday in the Garden with Scylla

Roses blooming.

Lantana still looking good.

Candlebushes still feeding the birds.

The garden looks purrty good Mommy.

I thinks you can take a break from weeding and stuffs.

You could roll in the dirts with me.

If that doesn't strike your fancy you could come explore the woods.

Yes!!!!!  Daddy is coming to play with me.

And Mommy got the purrfect shot of this Confederate Rose. ~Scylla, reporting on the garden for ATCAD

Grumpy Cat's Soul Mate

Mommy got Daddy this for his Birthday, she said they are soul mates. They do seem to look alike.  ~ATCAD

Tuiren Tuesday

Hiya everybuddy, I agreed to let Mommy takes lots of pictures today.

It was so nice to see the sunshines after the rainy weather we had.

I do not like rain and I thinks cold fronts should stay far far away from Mississippi.

I do not approve of having January weather in November, especially when Daddy does not have the greenhouse put back together.

This is a most unfortunate state of affairs. I hopes our plants don't get killed by the cold.

Mommy you are to OLD to be playing in the Jungle Gym. Get down right now and pet me.  ~Tuiren, barking for ATCAD