Fenris Friday

Mister Who can to play with us we had a GREAT time.

He is really funny he had Tui rolling on the ground laughing.

I had to go make sure she was OK.

Then we all stopped for a water break. ~Fenris reporting for ATCAD

Thursday in the Garden

The Verbena is blooming unfortunately bad Mommy didn't get the bed weeded.

The Bugleweed is blooming, a lot of it died though so this bed doesn't look very good Mommy needs to do something with it.

The wisteria is looking good.

The Fetterbush is fixing to bloom.

Mommy got some plants at the Herb and Garden Fest. This is the Ruby Leaf. It is a tropical and likes sun to part shade.

Mommy also redid these containers. This has the Rosemary that lived over the winter so it is pretty large. She added Diamond Frost, Flying Colors Red (Diascia hybrid) and Asian Jasmine.

This has all the above stuff with the addition of Superbells Blue (Calibrachoa hybrid).

This is the Royal Purple Queen Mom found at the Herb and Garden Fest.

She drug the Angel Trumpet outside.

She planted some Dusty Miller with some Bleeding Heart. ~ Socks & Scylla reporting for ATCAD

Whacky Wednesday with Who


Mommy made this video when Mister Who came to visit us. Fenris and Mister Who are very silly boys. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

Happy Earth Day

We are celebrating Earth Day by spending the day outdoors. The Sky Flower is blooming.

The Angel Trumpet is blooming we has yellow and white blooms at the moment.

The goslings are getting bigger.

There are five of them now.

When they first hatched out there were six, but the littlest one that had a hard time keeping up is gone.

This made us very sad, but we are happy the other five are doing OK.

Mr & Mrs G. keep a close eye on them. We also has a hawk that visits us. We will try to get a picture of it soon. 

Mancat Monday

I am helping Mommy water stuffs down at the Whiskers Memorial Butterfly Garden.

Mommy's feet got muddy so she watered them too, silly Mommy doesn't she know you are suppose to lick them clean.

I am taking a rest in the Butterfly Chair.

It is one of my favorite places to sit.

I like the porch table Daddy gave Mommy for her Birthday & Valentines but.............

They put it in the back with the dogs.

What were they thinking????????? (Alasandra: that it would be a good way to keep Socks from stealing our food.) ~Socks reporting for ATCAD

Happy Easter

Sibling Saturday

Mommy planted Pinata Lavender in the her bed.

Fenris kept careful watch while Mommy was weeding the herb bed and planting the lavender. I was too busy doing yoga. I thinks I have down dog, down pat, what do you thinks?

The bed looks very nice after she weeded it.

The oregano, fennel and Mexican Tarragon are all coming back from last year.

We hopes the lavender does good.

It has such pretty purple flowers and we can see it from our porch. ~Tuiren (& Fenris) reporting for ATCAD