Caturday Art ~Starring Scylla

Cartoon Scylla, don't I look like I could take on some evil villains?

Brush strokes, it makes the picture softer, is that a word?

Page curl, really hope no one peels me off the page.

Here we added some texture with BLUE SPRUCE of all things. Mommy thought it sounded Chris Mousey.

I hope you liked all these pictures of ME. ~Scylla

FFHT - "After I ate all that turkey . . ." #CatLadyBox

I grabbed a drumstick and went to work on it.

It sure was finger licking good, but then............................

My sister appeared out of nowhere and grabbed that drumstick right out of my mouth.  Don't you think that was rude of her?

Well a guy has to eat so, ................................. I just went got a turkey breast a few thighs, another drumstick and I ate and ate and ate. "After I ate all that turkey" it was time for a nap. ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD

PeeS: I am suppose to tell you that Mommy got a Crazy Cat Lady Box for review (the Crazy Cat Lady boxes have presents for your cats, the others just have people stuff, so when you go to order your Mom a Cat Lady Box you want to make sure you get the Crazy one. Scylla told me to tell you that, she is being very helpful with my post.) and the drumstick was one of the pawesome things in it.  It is a catnip drumstick from Housecat Club. Yin loved it so much she destuffed it and tried to eat the stuffing. But before she totally destroyed it we had tons of fun playing with it and you can watch the video on our Facebook Page, Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs. I am also suppose to tell you that Mommy will be reviewing the #CatLadyBox soon, so stay tune. I am off to take my nap now. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Happy Thanksgiving

We want to wish all our friends a Happy Thanksgiving. ~ATCAD

Wildflower Wednesday

The Goldenrod is lovely in the fall.

Especially mixed with Ironweed.

Ginger Lilies.

We love these wildflowers. Mommy calls them Black-eyed Susans.

These are cute too, we do not know their name. Mommy thinks they are probably in the aster family.

The Angel Trumpet.

The Devil Trumpet.

This bed has Goldenrod, Candy Corn Cuphea, Mexican Sage and Ironweed in it.

And the Sniffie roses are blooming.

Chinese Bell Flower aka a Flowering Maple.

Ironweed mixed in with Pineapple Sage in the front flower bed.

Devil's Trumpet.

Another wildflower that we like but don't know the name of .

We hope you enjoyed our flowers. ~ATCAD

Two on Tuesday

This was our very first package.  It was very exciting for us to get a package in the mail. It was from 15 and Meowing, we had won a prize.

We were very anxious for Mommy to help us open it.

 The first thing Mommy got out was an eyeball ornament.

Mommy said we couldn't play with it, that it wasn't a toy and that it was for her. Bummer.

But then she got out some crocheted toys for us to play with. Yin liked picking them up and carrying them.

She is very good at catching them and carrying them around.

I managed to steal one from her. Victory taste so sweet.

I couldn't wait to check out the eyeball mat.

Mommy just loves the black kitten pin. It has a lovely poem with it.

My Lucky Black Cat

Legend says to expect bad luck
when a black cat comes your way.
But I never worry, panic or scurry
despite what others may say.

For my black cat brings me comfort
and befriends the ones I hold dear.
A loving black cat living in your home
is a silly, little thing to fear.

I think the poem may be talking about Yin. There are two crocheted balls but Yin was busy playing with hers so it's not in the picture.

Mommy took the balls out of the bag and then the fun began. They roll really well, we played kitty hockey.

15 and Meowing also sent two toys for the doggies. Fenris & Tuiren love them, but they are also fun for us cats to play with. When Fenris is carrying his I bat at it and we play together. Mommy will try to get a picture of us playing with it together one day.

Silly Mommy thought she could artfully arrange our gift for a photo shoot but we had other plans.

You has to be really fast to catch the EyeBalls.

I was wore out after playing with the Eyeballs so I got up on the dresser to take a nap.

Yin, is becoming very domesticated. She helped Mommy look through cookbooks to plan the Thanksgiving menu. Thanksgiving will be at our house this year. Mommy says there will be lots of people and food. This is our first Thanksgiving, we are so thankful we get to spend it with our family.

Yang, reporting for ATCAD

PeeS Walter: We are sorry we stole Tuiren's day to post. We hopes you will forgive us. 

Mancat Monday

I am teaching Yang how to beat Yin up. She is bigger than him.

He just needed a few pointers so he could hold his own. He is very energetic.

Sometimes he gets a little carried away with the bunny kicking. ~Socks, training the kittens for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday

 FINALLY, I GET TO DO A POST!!!!! And it better be all about ME. No Yoga Kittens. They HOG everything. Did you know they are even getting on MY bed. I have to hide behind the pillows.

 I hope they can't find me here cause it is very comfy on Mommy's fluffy pillow. I am sandwiched between the pillow sham and Daddy's hard as a rock extra firm pillow. That's right we have 7 pillows on the bed. 2 extra firm for Daddy, 2 extra fluffy for Mommy the two Pillow Shams and the green decorative pillow. I thinks I am well hidden.

Except it appears Mommy found me. (Sigh) I suppose the teeny tiny terrorist will be here soon. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD