Wednesday Wonders ~ Yosemite National Park

Tuiren Tuesday

Whenever me and Fenris see anything interesting we run to the fence and observe it.

We watch carefully to see if we needs to alert Mommy by barking. This is a very important decision. You mustn't bark too often are you annoy the people, but you wants to warn them of danger. Most of the time barking is NOT required.

After we determine there is no need to bark we come back and sit on the porch where it is comfortable.

We were eating when we saw the..................oh yeah I am not suppose to tell you what we saw. Fenris wants to tell you Friday and I agreed to let him.

I am trying to decide if I wants to eat the rest of my supper. It's only dogfood, nothing special.

I prefers it when Mommy gives us table scrapes or at least CANNED dogfood. I do not likes the dry stuff that much.

Running around checking things out is very thirsty work.

I am being brave and drinking out of our water bowl. Mommy just filled it up and I don't like the way it gurgles at you when you drinks.

But I do likes the fact that it holds lots of water. I gets really thirsty helping Fenris guard everything. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

Mancat Monday

The crossvine is one of my favorite flowers.

I am sure I have no idea where the nip candy is. Scylla. You should look for it in the Family Room. It is NOT in the Dining Room.

I don't care what your nose says, it is NOT in here. I has a blog post to do, I do NOT have time to help you look for the nip candy.  ~Socks, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art

Mommy did this in an Impressionist style. We hopes you likes it. ~ATCAD

Family Friday

Mommy and the Boy Beans went to see Grandma & Grandpa for Easter. Mommy took these pictures at our house while she was waiting for Eldest to get here, so they could leave. She was very happy to see these little pink flowers came back. They are annuals so it was a nice surprise for us.

We just love the purple wildflowers that come u in our yard.

And aren't the Superbells purrty?

Mommy continued taking pictures after she got to Grandma & Grandpa's. Grandpa says this is some sort of Honeysuckle.

These horses live next door to him.

They had dogwoods and azaleas blooming.

Lady O'Meara was very happy to see Mommy. She was so excited it was hard for her to sit still and get her picture taken. She is a real live wire.

She likes it when Grandpa pets her.

She sure has grown a lot since the last time Mommy took her picture.

She likes to play with sticks just like Fenris.

She went to see the goats with Mommy & Grandpa.

There were lots of new kids, since it is Spring.

This one looks like it has a belt on.

Meara wanted to go play with them, but Grandpa said NO.

They came up to the fence to say hi though.

Meara even touched noses with one, but Mommy was to slow to get the picture.

Then she was off chasing the cats, she doesn't hurt them she just wants to play.

More flowers, Mommy can't remember the names of these.

Meara got annoyed cause Mommy and Grandpa were so slow. She had lots she wanted to show them.

Tippy Toes (Arty Mouse's litter mate) doesn't run from Meara.

Fenris & Tuiren wish Mommy would take them to visit Grandma, Grandpa, Meara, the goats and cats. Us cats would rather not go for a long car drive, Socks says it is nice there. He was born there and sort of remembers it. ~Scylla reporting for ATCAD