FFHT "That was the first time I ever . . ."

Well it's FFHT time and Fenris said I should share my story too. Some of you don't know how I came to live here, it was rather unconventional. I just showed up. When Mommy said this was my home "that was the first time I ever" felt loved.

See the guy that adopted me didn't take very good care of me. He didn't give me a Heartworm preventive so I got Heartworms, I also got Hookworms. Then he had to move away for work and he left me behind. His sister in law kept me as an outside dog, cause their inside dogs didn't like me and we were always fighting. I was always going off (I actually went a very long way off) and one day I found Mommy. She feed me since I looked hungry and after I ate I went home. I did this for a long time you can read my rescue story here.

And if you are interested you can read about the heartworm treatment here. While none of us really like taking medicine. Taking us to the veterinarian, making sure we are up to date on shots and giving us our monthly medication does make us feel loved. ~Tuiren

Well, I thinks Tuiren did a good job on the FFHT. Mine is a bit more light hearted.  Me and Tuiren were hanging out on the porch with Mommy, this is sort of our favorite place to be when the weather is nice. And being the pawesome flock guardian I am I heard/smelled/saw something that didn't belong. I went tearing off the porch to check it out and pretty soon I was woofing for all I was worth to alert Mommy to the strange sight I was seeing "that was the first time I ever" saw a black cow walking in the road.  

Yep, the cow was moseying down the road with cars backed up behind it, it was a sight. Mommy was worried about the poor cow and went to see is she could catch it, but it didn't have a halter on. She was really relieved when it turned off our busy road onto a road that doesn't see much vehicle traffic. Now long after that we saw three kids with a feed bucket and halter. Mommy told them where the cow went and they said they knew where it was going. The cow used to live at the place behind us that has cows, and it apparently wanted to go back home.

And this is picture is of Tuiren. I just thought I would show you one of the spots we likes to sleep in, in the summer when it is hot. We calls it our summer doghouse. It is the bottom part of the jungle gym. When the boys were little it was one of those things the people call a sand box, that their kids play in. It was fenced in to keep the cats out of it. ~Fenris, spinning yarns for ATCAD

Thursday in the Garden

We have the hots so we don't have as much blooming now as we did in the Spring.

The Diamond Frost looks nice amidst all the green.

The Lantana is nice and colorful.

Hard to believe this is going to turn into a butterfly, but Mommy insist it will.

The Desert Rose really pops with it's red blooms.


PeeS: Please go by Lola The Rescued Cat's and read about Cermi a sweet boy who lost his home and almost his life when his former parents divorced. 

Wordless Wednesday with Scylla

Tuiren Tuesday

It is hot and humid here, I spend most of my time on the porch in the shade with the ceiling fans on.

Mostly by myself as Fenris the wuss insist on being inside with the air condition.

I prefer being outside as there are more things to watch and smell. NO!!!! Mommy, I don't want to come inside. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

Mancat Monday

 Mommy reports that the newest batch of cats at Grandma and Grandpa's aren't at all friendly, so she spent most of her time with Lady O.

 Grandpa brought Lady O up on the porch so Mommy could make her picture.

 Lady O, thinks she is a purrson, she stole Mommy's chair, MOL.

 She loves Mommy and they cuddled for a long time.

 Silly Lady O didn't want to go up the steps with the leash on.

 Since Mommy couldn't pet the cats she spied on them with the camera and took their pictures.

~Socks, reporting for ATCAD