Sunday Selfies with The Girls Chimera and Yin

I am much to sleepy to do a Selfie, please ask Yin to do it. ~Chimera, not reporting for ATCAD

I am enjoying my porch time with the Mom. I really like sitting on the purple and pink pillows they showcase my fur purrfectly.

The table bench is a very comfortable spot to supervise things from.

Do you know there is an evil squirrel that invades the back yard. Fenris and I keep our eyes peeled for him.

When I get tired of sitting on the bench I head over to the sand for a dust bath.

I decided to provide you with two selfies, this is me sitting on the bench. Somehow I managed to almost wipe out the background which looks kinda neat.

And here I am preparing for a dust bath, a girl has to keep her furs in tip top condition you know. ~Yin, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art

 Here is Mom with the finished mug after she baked it.

 We made this cute card for Hug Your Cat Day featuring our very own  Angel Socks.

And we are sure you recognize Tuiren even when Mommy disguises her with the infrared thing. We like the way it made Tui really pop out of the picture. ~ATCAD

Fenris Friday

These things sure are tasty. I want mine to last for a long time.

I will just lick it every now and then.

Tuiren and I each got one. We took ours to separate spots to enjoy them.

We don't eat near each other.

That silly Tui, when I went to bark at an intruder she came took my antler.

Did she really think I wouldn't be able to find it where she hid it?

I guess she didn't because she couldn't find where I hid hers. Doesn't that girl know what noses are for? ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

Thankful Thursday in the Garden Early Flowers On Friday

 Mommy took these pictures way back on February 1st. We love how the Rosemary smells but we also appreciate it's delicate purple blooms.

 We wished the Forsythia bloomed longer. It is the plant that heralds Spring here so we are always thankful to see it's yellow blooms, but it's not very interesting the rest of the year. In the Winter it is just sticks and in the Fall and Summer it is just leaves.

Daffodils are early bloomers too. We are thankful for all our early bloomers and are always happy to see them blooming. We love Spring.~ATCAD

Remembering Wednesday

Mommy always described me as a sweet, gentle shy cat. I was always pretty easy to pill except for the time I had to take 7 pills twice a day. Once I started feeling better I objected to THAT, but who could blame me, one of those pills was HUGE. I was greatly loved at the veterinarians.

In some ways (and the vet and vet techs will never believe this because she is a devil cat at the vet) Yin is a lot like me. Yin loves Mommy and pretty much stays close to her. She is very well behaved and actually stays inside the backyard with the dogs. And while she can be a grouch if you wake her up she is usually very loving. And she is currently the easiest cat to pill and put the heartworm preventive on.

She has also perfected my Ninja cat skills. She is very good at disappearing.

Often the humans spend hours looking for her and discover she was sitting in the same room with them the entire time.

Usually unless she lifts her head they completely overlook her. Hiding in plain sight is a rare talent and very difficult to perfect. I am pleased to say Yin has the skill.

~Socks, reporting for ATCAD

Tuiren Tuesday

Well this is embarrassing, we received this great prize way back in February and we are just now posting pictures. These Antlers were delicious Mommy gave me the smallest one and Fenris got the largest one.

I sniffed mine carefully to see what it was.

Picked it up cautiously to make sure it wasn't going to attack me or anything.

And carried it off to the yard so I could enjoy it at my leisure in comfort.

Mom insisted on taking pictures.

These were awesome guys. They lasted for days and Fenris and I had fun hiding them from each other.  Although Fenris somehow always found where I had hid his. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

Mancat Monday

Yin, where are you going?

What do you mean it's none of my business. I am your brother it is too my business.

I am not clueless!!!!

Mom!!!! why is Yin mad at me???? ~Yang, trying to report on Yin's activities for ATCAD