Tuiren Tuesday

Well this is embarrassing, we received this great prize way back in February and we are just now posting pictures. These Antlers were delicious Mommy gave me the smallest one and Fenris got the largest one.

I sniffed mine carefully to see what it was.

Picked it up cautiously to make sure it wasn't going to attack me or anything.

And carried it off to the yard so I could enjoy it at my leisure in comfort.

Mom insisted on taking pictures.

These were awesome guys. They lasted for days and Fenris and I had fun hiding them from each other.  Although Fenris somehow always found where I had hid his. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

Mancat Monday

Yin, where are you going?

What do you mean it's none of my business. I am your brother it is too my business.

I am not clueless!!!!

Mom!!!! why is Yin mad at me???? ~Yang, trying to report on Yin's activities for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday

I love my kittens, they have given me a new lease on life. You would never guess I am an old lady of 10. I certainly have a lot of fun playing with the kittens. Sorry I have my eyes closed in my selfie, it is sort of my trademark.

Although a certain mancat is a pawful at bath time. And look he is copying my closed eye look. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art

This week we colored pictures. This sort of looks like Tuiren.

A wise owl, Mommy said it made her think of MoMo and SS, they liked owls.

Professor Kat. We are not sure who this looks like.

A buck, we are not sure why people are always trying to make a buck.  But we certainly enjoyed coloring one.

We are not sure what this is.

And Mr. Fox is apparently going to teach us Yoga.

 And for those who wanted pictures of us our new header. ~ATCAD

Finally Friday with Yin

Wow Friday finally got here that means tomorrow the people won't get up at 3:30AM. While breakfast will be served later than usual I enjoy the more leisurely weekend routine.

Scylla and Yang on the other hand complain about the late breakfast. Those cats don't think about anything but their stomachs. Why when Mommy stumbles out of bed during the week they don't even have the manners to stop eating and go tell her Good morning. It makes Mommy really happy that Chimera and I stop eating and go greet her as soon as she gets up. She knows WE really love her.

Another great thing about weekends is Daddy is usually puttering around in the yard. I enjoy spending time with my Dad and I LOVE watching all the interesting things he does. ~Yin, reporting for ATCAD

Thankful Throwback Thursday with Angel Socks

I am thankful I got to know the kittens before I had to leave. I was worried about leaving Scylla alone and it was a huge relief to know that she would have kitten siblings to comfort her.

I had hoped Arty Mouse would return, I waited as long as I could.

Parents want the oddest things. Mommy always wanted to get a picture of all of us together. She at least managed to get all the cats in this photo.

OK, so Chimera isn't on the bed, she is at least in the photograph. We are all sort of looking at the camera. I call it a success.

We sure were a happy family.

It always made me sad when I read how some cat or dog didn't get along with their fur siblings. Having siblings is a great gift. I was thankful for each one of mine.

Socks, meowing for ATCAD

Wayback Wednesday

A picture of the herb bed from January. Lots of the plants stayed green all year like the oregano.

Mom got this neat cup for ChrisMouse. You color it with special markers.

Mommy says it is sort of hard to color on curved surfaces. She had to let one color dry before she could add another.

Once she got it all colored she put it in the oven and baked it. Thank you, J, K and O Mommy had lots of fun coloring it and we had lots of fun watching her work.  ~ATCAD