Saturday Artwork

The Mom is being all weird creative again. Back lighting.



We wants to remind you that J-Lo is STILL looking for a HOME. We are really hoping she will get one soon so she won't have to go outside and fend for herself and she is so bored in her cage it would be nice if she got one soon. Her fundraiser also is going pretty slowly, they are hoping to raise the funds for her surgery so she can go to her new home debt free. Please do what you can to help, and believe us SHARING helps so if that is all you can do SHARE SHARE SHARE.  ~ATCAD

Fenris Friday

Hello every buddy.

I am giving Mommy my come hither look here.

Tuiren says I am suppose to play hard to get so I am ignoring her here. I wonders if it will work. According to Tuiren if I wasn't so EASY we would get treats for photo shoots.

I went for my semi annual checkup Tuesday and got a good report, Tuiren got her nails trimmed. To bad no one was videoing us in the parking lot, they could have won a fortune on America's Funniest Videos. I do try to keep the Mom on her toes.  ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

Thursday in the Garden

Do you see what I see, Yep we still have a Hummingbird. Picture taken October 20th.

The Sniffe Roses are blooming, the Candy Corn for Tamir will be blooming soon.

The Ironweed and Goldenrod look nice together.

Now for some wildflowers.

The Pixie Candlebush is blooming.

Daddy is airing his compost thing out.

For some reason Mommy likes the way the water looks when the septic system kicks on. Arty used to just stare at it and stare at it trying to figure out why water was shooting out of the ground.

Something ate our Butterflyweed. Good thing Mommy got a picture it is eaten to the ground now.

More wildflowers.

We thinks this is suppose to bloom in the Spring.  Mommy can't remember it's name right now.

The Wishbone Flower, we needs to get some more seeds it appears to be alone this year. Last year we had a whole bunch of them.

Whirling Butterflies.


Our Pineapple Sage.

Daddy almost has our faucet back together. ~Socks & Scylla reporting for ATCAD

Where are you Wednesday? Starring Scylla

I am hiding nobody knows where I am.

They will never find me here.

Rats she found me, I wonder how. Do you know how she found me?  ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Tuiren Tuesday

I was fixing to  have a good roll when Mommy called.

Gotta go see what she wants there may be treats involved.

She wanted me and Fenris to model together.

He cooperated me not so much.

I do not like to model.

But since Walther likes looking at my pictures, I agreed to pose for a few.

But I really just wants to go for a good roll.

Do you think I let her take enough pictures? ~Tuiren, modeling for ATCAD under duress

Mancat Monday

I likes the paper too. Mommy has thoughtfully provided me with my favorite toys.

My mice are within reach as in my Cyclone Cat Toy from Bergan.
What more could a mancat ask for................................ Steak would be nice or chicken or ham or anything but my y/d foods. ~Socks reporting for ATCAD

PeeS: We wants to remind you about J-Lo she would REALLY REALLY like a home. She is bored in her cage and she certainly doesn't want to be put back outside to fend for herself again. So please consider adopting her.

Her fund raiser also seems to be stuck so iffn you have some green papers to spare a donation would be appreciated so she can go to her new home debt free.

Scylla Sunday

There is nothing better than paper to play with.

I am so glad Mommy got me this paper to play with. ~Scylla reporting for ATCAD