Home @ Last

Ok, I was suppose to get my shots yesterday, but I was super BAD and wouldn't be still so Mommy had to take me back today and they sedated me and did everything while I couldn't move (that is so UNFAIR).  I am finally home, well actually I has been home for awhile but Mommy had to drop me off and then take the Boy Beans to the Human Vet for their eyes, but now we are both home. I am going to spend the rest of the day recuperating and getting LOVES. ~Fenris

PS: The goslings hatched.


  1. You poor thing! We're purring for you.

  2. Purring for you over here. We think you should get extra tuna and an extra hour of cartoon time.


  3. Fenris???

    Say it ain't so!!!


  4. Fenris, what did you do? The vet's place isn't so bad. Don't they give you yummy treats? Did you get your nails clipped too?

    Hope you will be feeling just fine tomorrow.

    Woos~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. How many goslings did you get???
    THAT is exciting at EASTER TIME.

    FENRIS... what DID you do at the VET's Place???
    They gave you the sleepy pills and THEN had their way with you. SOOOOO not fair.
    I am pretty proud of you though. THAT was a grrrrreat effort.
    MY HERO... FENRIS!!!

  6. That is unfair. I am glad it is over.

  7. You've been taking too many lessons from the kitties, Fenris! I am always good as gold at the vet's, you know!


  8. Awww lovely Fenris!!! Me and Charlie hope you get lotsa LOVES!! You poor thing - awwwwww - big big hugs!! Take care

  9. I feel much better today. I like the VET and everyone there. I LOVE to go see them. I just do not like anyone but Mommy to mess with my legs. I don't even like her bothering them, but I will put up with her. Anybody else and I tries to get away from them. I wasn't aggressive or mean, I just tried to get away and wouldn't be still.

  10. Fenris, you had to be sedated? Oh, my...! Even our "angel" Annie wasn't that bad. LOL.

    Glad you're home recuperating now!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  11. Ohhh Nooo,,, You are so Right!! Not Fair!! Hope you gotz extra treatz ^..^


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