Butterfly Garden ~ Party for Charlie ~ Flower Show Day 2 Post 1

I (Scylla) am very glad you could join me, in the Whiskers Memorial Butterfly Garden.  This is a Vitex, we are going to let ours be a shrub.

 Our Butterfly Bush



 Whiskers' Grave

 And as promised a butterfly...................................

The Gardenia smells heavenly, lets sit awhile and enjoy it's perfume.

The Butterfly Chair is the purrfect place to sit and enjoy the view.

Wisteria we had a purple and a white one. The beaver ate our pretty purple one all down, so now we just have the white one. They smells good and the bees just love them.

Sarge lives in Allegheny National Forest, we thinks that must be so cool, and he sent us some really neat flowers to share.
 These lilacs live beside Sarge's driveway.  

 I just love this fuscia, we are green with envy here because we can't get fuscia to live. I just love all the colors this one has on it. It looks just beautiful. I can see why it is Sarge's favorite.

 These pink daylilies are pretty too. Pink is one of my favorite colors. You can visit Sarge @ his blog,  Sarge Speaks Out.

Wyatt really knows his stuff when it comes to gardening, he & his sister  Constanza (aka Stanzie), help their Mom & Dad run a gardening business in Oregon. You can visit them at Gardening with Wyatt.

 Stanzie likes the Lupines, I can certain see why I likes them too. I wonders if they will grow here.

Wyatt says these flowers are colorful, just like him. I likes the red and yellow combination, they makes me feel very energetic and cheerful.

Somebody must have told Jazzi and Addy how much we like butterflies cause look what they sent along with their flower.

Now we are going to see what Mona & Weenie sent from Texas.
Oh I wish we had this pretty yellow flower growing at the Hummingbird Cottage. Isn't it just gorgeous. I think Mommy would flower nap it if she could.

 And the hibiscus are just stunning.

 I just love the yellow and orange combination of this hibiscus.

 And their rose is just lovely. Mona & Weenie blog @ Mona, Weenie & The Mommy Too!!!!

Gracie from Goodness Gracie brought a whole field of sunflowers with her.
A walk through the field of sunflowers is shared by the three sissies, Asta, Gracie, and Momo. There is a sea of beauty as far as the eyes can see.

Bunny from Tales and Tails sent these beautiful flowers.
 What a gorgeous rose, I just has to sniff this one  (Scylla sighing with delight).

 Oh yellow Daylilies are so cheerful. I just want to smile when I see them.

And aren't these flowers gorgeous?

Alfie Marshall all the way from England sent us these beautiful blooms.

Alfie and his brother Milo blog at The Cat's Meow.

Socks will show you around the pond this afternoon. For now just relax and enjoy the flowers. ~Scylla


  1. Oh Bast! The 2nd day is better then the 1st one! Lovelier and Lovelier flowers...

  2. This sure has been a lovely flower show, I have loved looking at all the different ones from around the world, thanks for hosting a great event.
    let me get you a beer :)

  3. Those are some wonderful blossoms. We love them all :) We have tried to grow Bottlebrush here, but they just can't survive our winters, doggone it!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  4. We loves all the bootiful, sweet and colorful flowers!
    An award winning show!

  5. Wow, what beautiful flowers. We enjoyed each and every photo and the very idea of "visiting" different places with each blossom. We have rhodies (can't spell the full name, hehe) here like Milo and Alfie.

    What a great idea. Hugs for the thoughtfulness behind the memorial gardens.

    Tom & Julie

  6. I am so happy everyone is enjoying our Flower Show, we had tons of fun putting the post together. ~Scylla

  7. The flower show just gets better. What lovely flowers! Thankyou for hosting it!

  8. Another floral show triumph!!!!

    Yay!!! Take care

  9. That was a wonderful walk round your garden - it has so many pretty flowers and plants.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. STUNNINGYLY BEAUTIFUL!! I am totally LOVING this Fantastic Floral Display.

    I have never seen THOSE colors of Hi Bisquits!!!

    I hope that you will do this fur EVERY Blogville EVENT!!!

    Can you imagine seeing all these in the Dark Dead WINTER??? What an UPLIFT!!

  11. Fenris!! This was the most beautiful flower display ever. Our Mommy is so jelly right now. Nothing is growing in our yard this year so this really made here smile. We miss our hibiscus.

    Can't wait to see the next installmnt of flowers later today.

    {{{huffies}}}...Mona & Weenie

  12. Oh Artemisia my beautiful mouse,your flower show is just fabulous! How wonderful that you brought so many bloggers together with blossoms and friendship :-)

  13. Just wait till you see our last post. It is totally pawsome. This has been such a fun event and so nice to visit with old friends and make new ones.

  14. Everything is so very pretty!!! I hope y'all have a very happy weekend!

  15. Lovely flower show. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Oh look at everyone sitting by the flowers! How gorgeous. I'm still waiting for flowers here...

  17. How beautiful.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  18. WOW! Fanks, we found ours too! Beautiful flowers from efurrybuddy!


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