Scylla Sunday playing with Socks

 Socks used to play with me a lot and then one day he got hurt bad (his chest got ripped open and had to have staples in it) and he got really HISSED OFF at me about it. As if it was my fault. After that he avoided me and we didn't play much, but after Arty went missing he would play with me a little bit. When I starts getting to rough he goes off and I can't find him. Mommy says he is very good at hiding.  We both really like the nip confections and after he has played with them a bit he is more amendable to playing with me.

 Although if he is allowed to play with them to long he just goes to sleep, after a marathon grooming session.

 We each has our favorites.

 I even have a thing for the box they came in.

Scylla, reporting for ATCAD


  1. I never knew about Socks having surgery- I am glad he is OK now. Enjoy your catnip confections.

    1. It was way back in 2011. You can read about it here

  2. Sometimes we older kitties don't like to play rough. Tempting him with a little nip is a good idea, though :)

  3. Oh yes, those nip confections are soooo good. Good to see all of you again.

  4. I can see why he didn't want to play more often. Glad you have made peace.

  5. glad at least he is playing with you a little bit!

  6. You kitties sure look like you are enjoying that nip.

  7. Nipis a great ice breaker!!
    Glad Socks is fine:))


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