Touring the Yard

 Would you like to tour the yard with me.

 Be sure to keep up because I am very good at disappearing.

 The Azalea is in full bloom, besides looking gorgeous it's a good place to take a nap. Once you are under it, it is almost impossible for anyone to find you.

 The Wisteria are blooming, once they stopped blooming Mommy trimmed them way back. You has to constantly maintain them or they will take over.

 Over view of the Butterfly Garden.

 Up at the house Mommy's containers are putting on a show.

 We have gotten so much rain lately they are looking a bit water logged, so it's nice to see them when they were at their best.

Socks, tour guide extraordinaire for ATCAD


  1. What a beautiful garden
    I get in trouble for nibbling the buds of our wisteria! I would live the buttie pillar garden, do you get lots of pretty coloured ones?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Normally we get lots of pretty butterflies. Last year we didn't get very many, not sure why. The caterpillars didn't even devour the Passion Flower like normal.

  2. The garden is colorful and pretty, but you're still the most gorgeous thing out there, S.

    Love and licks,

  3. what a lovely tour!! Thank you!

  4. You are a "tour guide extraordinaire", Socks! You have lots of lovely blooms in your yard. The human says she saw a wisteria this spring that has literally taken over one end in the backyard at that house. Good thing your mommy prunes them hard!

  5. dood...we wood love ta go on toor with ewe &.....

    socks? socks?? DOOD...wear iz ya !!!

  6. Socks, you are an excellent tour guide - your garden is looking magnificent!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  7. Thanks for the tour. What a beautiful garden!!! We only have a few daffodils so far, but hopefully more will be here soon

  8. Everything looks nice, thanks for the tour.

  9. Thanks for the tour Socks. That azalea is HUGE! You always look so serious when you are walking through your yard. Do you ever smile?

  10. Your garden makes us think its summer there!! Wow!
    So many blooms already!

    Thanks fur showing us around.

  11. Socks, thank you sooooooooooo much for the tour

  12. You have a gorgeous yard! It must be nice to get to prowl around near those beautiful plants and flowers all of the time. I bet you love the butterflies in the butterfly garden. :)

  13. Such a scenic walk, we love your beautiful garden... thanks for showing us around.

  14. It appears that spring is in full bloom at your home. It is very lovely. ☺


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