Pretty #AtoZChallenge

Mommy says I am pretty.

I hopes Walter thinks I am pretty.

I wasn't always pretty.

When I first found Mommy I had lost some of my furs and I looked old, because I was sick with heartworms. It is hard to look pretty when you are sick.

But Mommy said I always had and always will have a beautiful soul. We looked into each others eyes and I knew that if she would give me a home I would always be loved.

So I wants to ask all the people who read my blog and are maybe thinking about giving a doggie a home to consider giving a home to a less adoptable dog. We has lots of love to give and lots of times our health issues can be cured with veterinarian care and lots of love. Sometimes we may need a little time to fit into our new home, but if you will be patient with us we will love you forever. ~Tuiren

PeeS: Little Chimera is going to get spayed and have her hernia fixed today, please purr for her or put your paws together for her. ~ATCAD


  1. Yay! I'm so glad it's you for the "Pretty" post, T. You are extra-pretty now that you are healthy and well-loved. And those crossed paws put you right over the top!! Gorgeous!

    Love and licks,

  2. Well, Tuiren, you are beautiful and warm in the eyes. And yes, animals change so radically with good treatment and good medicines but some need no more than to be wanted. Like us.

  3. Tuiren you have always been very pretty and so loved. It was such a pleasure to interview you about your rescue and treatment to get rid of the evil heartworm.

  4. You are so right, Tuiren! Older dogs and cats make wonderful pets. If you don't have an adult pet, consider also adding a full-grown dog or cat to teach the ropes to that new youngster :)

    We are puraying that Chimera's surgery goes well today.

  5. tuiren; even tho G haz all reddy pazzed; we think yur gorgeouz & we bet walter doez two ! ♥♥♥

  6. You're such a pretty girl, Tuiren, it's hard to imagine how you could look before your mom found you ! We cross our paws for little Chimera. Purrs

  7. Tuiren, you are very beautiful!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  8. A perfect Tuiren Tuesday. You are so pretty laying there with your paws crossed. My heart is going pitter pat!


  9. Yiu are furry pretty indded! Glad you r=were gotted and made so much more pretty on the outside, you are lovely inside your sweet doggy soul, too.

    Purrs from Pipo & Minko fur Chimera.

  10. You are beautiful, I am glad your Mom saved you.


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