Cuddling Cats #AtoZChallenge

We have all been more social since the kittens came to live with us. I enjoy spending time with them and they wear Scylla out so she leaves ME ALONE.

The bed gets kinda crowded sometimes.

But I don't mind.

Yang enjoys cuddling.

He always wants to be touching someone.

Yin is more like me she likes her space.

~Socks, reporting for ATCAD


  1. A total cat take-over!

    a-z =

  2. I think you kitties have taken over the whole bed... and probably the whole house!

  3. What gorgeous Push-T-Cats you ALL are, luffs you
    Any room for a little pup on your bed?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Does your human find she can't turn over in bed without being helped by her cats!

  5. We guess that Fenris and Tui are NOT thrilled by the
    and CROWDING them outta THEIR BLOG though... Just sayin.. fur CRYIN out Loud. BaaaaaWaaaah

  6. Beautifully elegant looking kitty cats - how lovely to be a multi furbie househould.

  7. I love the name Scylla for your cat! Such pretty ones, too. :) @abetterjulie from

  8. Nothing nicer that kitty cuddles!!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. We still think there should be some room on that bed for Tuiren and Fenris.

  10. What makes the #Challenge fun is finding new blogs. Our kitty has been gone a long time, but like other animal lovers, we still talk about RJ remembering fond stories. If you have time, I have been working on historic hotels and inns. Not sure if any of them allow animals, but come join me anyhow.

    1. I enjoyed your book reviews. Unfortunately I am unable to comment on G+ Blogs.

  11. You kitties are so blessed to have a bed to cuddle in...we are not allowed in the bedroom, let alone the bed...
    But we sure love to join our peeps on the couch or on their laps:)

  12. Makes me want to cuddle with them!


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