Mancat Monday with the Girls

 Humans have the most odd habit of not using the best part of the present. We are not sure why Daddy wasn't as excited about the neat toy he got as we were. As you can see Yin hogged the toy.

 Chimera and I asked her politely to share the toy with us, but she said NO!

 She was very stubborn about it.

 Not coming out................

 No way no how.....................

 Chimera said we should stop being polite and use our paws to get her out.

 Yin said don't even think about it.

 Chimera beat a hasty retreat. I thought about it.

And I used my paw. And that is all I am saying. ~Yang, reporting for Mancat Monday, sorry I had to include my sisters in the post but everybuddy says I am hogging the blog.


  1. Finders keepers, Yin - you are in the right!

  2. We totally agree. The humans always throw out the best part of the present. They don't know what they're missing.

  3. Yin, you sure did find the best partof the purrsent...and in out books, finders are keepers, right?! Keep your coolio spot, Yin, you look good in there, MOL! We hope there was no smacky paw wrassling event...

  4. Yep. That bag is DEFINITELY Yin's until she's done with it ;)

  5. We know how much you kitties love playing in bags. That looked like a great one.

  6. Mom will let us play with those toys, but she takes the handles off or cuts them so we will not get our heads in them. We thought it was fun to stick your head in the handle till we could not get it out and started running down the hall and the toy was acting like a parachute!

  7. I love bags! Until I get stuck in the handles...

    Noodle and crew


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